Molot Compressor updated to 0.2.130. And a few words about EQ [или немного про эквалайзер]

Molot Compressor updated to 0.2.130. Check this out!

What’s new:

  • Release curve was slightly changed (a bit shorter at small signal values).
  • Frequency response in oversampled modes changed to be more linear.
  • Limiter has become softer.
  • When user-adjustable sidechain filter is off now built-in lowshelf sidechain filter applied.
  • Some presets have oversampling off by default.
  • Latency was fixed to be 3 samples (was declared as 2 samples by mistake).


If you dislike sound changes in new version you can download old versions. See the links at the bottom of Molot Compressor page.

Версия обновлена до 0.2.130. Что нового:

Немного поменялась кривая релиза (чуть короче при небольших значениях сигнала)
АЧХ при передискретизации стала немного более линейной.
Лимитер стал помягче.
При отключении сайдчейн-фильтра теперь подключается встроенный low-shelf фильтр.
В некоторых пресетах по умолчанию выключено использование передискретизации.
Вносимая задержка исправлена на 3 отсчета (ранее ошибочно декларировалась, как 2).


Если вам не понравились изменения в звуке новой версии, вы можете скачать любую из старых версий. Ссылки внизу основной страницы компрессора.

And now about EQ 

EQ frequency response was inspired by midrange of ISO 226:2003 equal loudness curves. The idea is for quiet elements of mix to be heard at low levels and for main mix elements to have density but do not “jump out” of mix.

If you apply Mid-scoop knob from 0 to +12 dB the output frequency response will change like this:

If you apply Mid-scoop knob from 0 to -12 dB the output frequency response will change like this way:

As you can see the filter has another Q for cut than for boost and frequencies for boost and cut are slightly different.

If you apply dry mix and use Mid-scoop EQ the reverse curve is applied to dry signal before mixing. For example if you have 50% Dry Mix and changing Mid-scoop EQ from 0 dB to +12 dB the frequency response will become very interesting looking and sounding:

So you can use Dry Mix, Mid-scoop and Makeup knobs to create different curves. For example if you have Mid-scoop at +12 dB and by rotating of Dry Mix knob you can get different frequency responses like this:

About sidechain filter. The sidechain filter curve was inspired by low-frequency range of ISO 226:2003 again. Get flipped up-down curve for 80 phon from ISO and find something familiar in sidechain filter response:

When sidechain filter knob is going down to 40 Hz the actual filter frequency is not changing. Only filter Q is affected. That’s because the sound of sidechain highpass filter is such “ultra warming”.

And finally about oversampling. The compressor frequency response in oversampling mode looks like this (ver. 0.2.130):

A small “gap” at 15 kHz is the result of postcorrection shelving filter. The next chain used in oversampling mode:

  • upsampler (polynomial interpolation by 4 points);
  • antialiasing filter (Butterworth 2nd order);
  • the main signal processing (compressor itself);
  • antialiasing filter (Butterworth 2nd order);
  • downsampler (just get 1 sample and drop out another);
  • postcorrection filter (high-shelf 2nd order).

I dislike the sound of high-order filters that’s because the sound of this plugin in oversampling mode is so “soft”.

In my next post I’ll try to write about differences between sigma and alpha modes.

All screenshots were made by excellent Christian Budde VST plugin analyzer tool.

One response to “Molot Compressor updated to 0.2.130. And a few words about EQ [или немного про эквалайзер]

  1. Bob 2011/01/31 at 15:44

    As i said, this EQ must remain ! Only the curves show me, that theres a lot mixing experience behind it. Please give us an extra EQ-Plugin in that manner !

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