Molot Compressor AU version

Dmitry Baikov (c0ff) has developed AU version of Molot.

See details in these threads:



I’m (Vladislav Goncharov) is not developer of this port so please don’t ask qustions about AU version I just can’t help you 🙂

6 responses to “Molot Compressor AU version

  1. tba03(M4M) 2011/04/18 at 03:10

    not showing up in logic 9.1.3

    • gattaman 2012/01/26 at 14:26

      Probably, you are going to inserting plug-in to mono track.
      please insert to stereo track or insert after mono-to-stereo plugin.

  2. c_s_ 2013/09/18 at 17:45

    Crashes Logic on insert. :\

  3. abi 2014/04/04 at 09:35

    crashes logic x, works fine on logic pro. limiter no6 is the same. so the problem shouldnt be mavericks related but to logic x…

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