The good clipper and the bad one

I’m checking ideas for the new clipper now. Here’s some pictures.

First, check the difference in harmonics between good clipper and bad one. The input signal is 1 kHz sin wave and the processing is -6 dB hard clip.

Next, how the wave looks:

Now I try to show the difference:

And this is 2 images combined:

The difference almost unseen. But can you hear it?

The one clipper was GClip with oversampling off and the second one is my new clipper.

Thanks a lot for downloading, interest, discussions and donations for Molot plugin. I hope this is not my last plugin 🙂

5 responses to “The good clipper and the bad one

  1. Jay Key 2011/04/30 at 02:00

    Honestly, if you release a clipper plugin as good as MOLOT is, count me in ! Instant gratification ;-). Any word about how it’s coming along these days ?

  2. Andrea 2011/12/08 at 05:40

    You say “First, check the difference in harmonics between good clipper and bad one.”
    Which is the good one?

    • vladgsound 2011/12/08 at 14:32

      This post is already outdated 🙂
      The right answer: both clippers sound sucks! 🙂

      The idea was in the following. There’re 2 types of aliasing inside clipper. The first contains harmonics not filtered by LP filter in downsampling. The second contains harmonics of aliasing inside oversampling because clipping makes a lot of harmonics. I thought I developed the way to remove harmonics on 2nd type but their level is too low to be noticied in practical hearing.

      My latest actual idea is the next. I think I developed criterias when clipping can be heared as some bad noise but not as harmonics. The idea is to implement such a clipper. I working on it now as part of limiter.

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