Do you think Molot GUI is very dark?

If you think Molot GUI is very dark you can try this version with GUI modded by Mirolav Pajic.

Download Windows VST x86 & x64 0.2.145

Download Mac OSX VST 0.2.145

The question is: “Do you like it and should I replace GUI to this one in next release?”

“Official” version of Molot with old GUI is still on downloads page.

10 responses to “Do you think Molot GUI is very dark?

  1. richard penrose 2011/04/27 at 10:58

    I definitely prefer this GUI. The original was too dark in my opinion. This version is easier to read the labels and has a more professional finish to it. My only critiscism it I preferred the LIMIT light in the old version. The new one is too dark and looks out of place on this new lighter GUI.
    Overall though definately an improvement on the darker version!!

  2. Forrest 2011/04/27 at 11:05

    Yes, I think it is way too dark… That green with White text background would work, but black text and that background really make me have to move close to the screen. 😦 Maybe you can make the font bigger as well? You have plenty of space, so there is no reason not to… 🙂

    In general the black “value” text as it is, is VERY hard to read and takes some straining and focus.

    • Miro 2011/04/28 at 00:25

      Really? I sharpened the letters, so they “should” be way better to read. (At least they are over here on 2 computers) About the limiter lights: You could be right. It could be a little lighter but I don’t find it too obvious 😉 Will have a closer look at it..

  3. Bob 2011/04/27 at 21:29

    YES ! Leave it ! This GUI looks more “used”. Now the device experienced a lot of light in its life, and a lot of grab and cleaning. Next to this its more relaxed to the eyes now ! And the distortion artefacts of the limiter from the former version seem to be fixed.

    Good work ! Still my favourite free comp !

  4. Kay 2011/04/27 at 22:49

    “And the distortion artefacts of the limiter from the former version seem to be fixed” not shure!!!
    The GUI is very cool, great, but the 1x oversampling have artefacts on limiter.
    I think the Compressor is the best freeware Compressor. I haven’t heard that one in a long time.
    Great job, thx

    • Bob 2011/04/28 at 11:37

      As far as i know from other good VST developers (from Italy in this case), this distortion problem is common to compressors, and can only be fixed with oversampling. So maybe vladi should set the OS to 2x minimum. 😉

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  6. steffen 2011/05/10 at 01:36

    yes the same here ,,I definitely prefer this GUI´´

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