Presonus Studio One Artist and 4 favorite VST plugins

The main difference between Presonus Studio One Artist and Studio One Pro DAWs the first one allows to use only built-in effects and just EZDrummer, Guitar Rig 3 and Kore Player as external VSTs.

Last holidays I tried to install Studio One Artist (bought for $20 on NAMM special) and I had problems with recognition of EZDrummer Lite and Guitar Rig LE plugins shipped with it. After some investigation with Microsoft Process Monitor I found that Studio One Artist does search of plugins only in default VST directory but I installed them in another place. I changed default VST directory in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST and the problem was solved.

But my investigation had an interesting side effect. Studio One Artist tries to load VST plugins with exact these names:

  • ezdrummer.dll
  • guitar rig 3.dll
  • Kore Player.dll
  • Kore Player FX.dll

Consequence #1. You can place your favorite 4 VST plugins under such a names and use them.

Consequence #2. You can use Molot in Studio One Artist.

Consequence #3. You can use effect chainer plugin to load another plugins.

These consequences are a good compensation for 2 hours of my time wasted to try to recognize why Studio One Artist doesn’t recognize Guitar Rig and EZDrummer installed. 🙂

5 responses to “Presonus Studio One Artist and 4 favorite VST plugins

  1. Stephen 2011/05/11 at 00:54

    This sound good but what folder should I put my vst into?

  2. Robbie Austin 2011/06/27 at 05:37

    hey man, I have a question.
    I have installed GR3 and S1 and dropped the .dll into every folder I can possibly find but still can’t make it appear within S1..any suggestions?

  3. Kartläggartrion 2011/08/09 at 14:02

    Interesting find indeed!

  4. Ricardo 2012/02/04 at 21:12

    Could you show how to do that? I cant….and im starting to get pretty furious!

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