Happy Birthday Molot!

Yesterday I found that I started Molot development 2nd of may in 2010. It’s been a year ago! 😉

From this:

To that:

Now it’s time to do some new plugins!

6 responses to “Happy Birthday Molot!

  1. Bob 2011/05/02 at 23:53

    “Now it’s time to do some new plugins!”

    Try to let it be an EQ-Plugin !!! 😉

  2. Alteregoxxx 2011/05/05 at 22:29

    I vote for another compressor, LA2Aish would be really great because right now there aren’t good free opto compressors out there and as you all know compressors never enough!! 😀
    i think there are plenty of good free eq out there…and btw eq are….boring! 😛
    Ciao from Italy!

    • Bob 2011/05/06 at 00:40

      “…and btw eq are….boring!”
      Man, i still read a lot of strange comments in the web, but this one …

      some good Opto-Compressor for free:
      Optron 3A: http://phoenixinflightaudio.blogspot.com/
      Blockfish: http://digitalfishphones.com/main.php?item=2&subItem=5
      Leveling Amp: http://www.dreamvortex.co.uk/effects/
      L3V3LL3R: http://www.platinumears.com/l3v3ll3r.html
      and of course the good opto comp in NastyVCS: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4063301/NastyVCS_1.0.1.zip

      As a Renaissance and LA-2A user i realy can recommend the Limiter (Opto-Leveler) in the mda bundle. Its realy close to them. get it here: http://mda.smartelectronix.com/

      and EQs are always more different to our ears than compressors ever will be, because we can hear differences in frequency much better than in dynamics.

      greetings from Germany

      • Alteregoxxx 2011/05/07 at 20:33

        with all my respect for you and all the free developers plugins i really disagree on the fact that
        are good opto-compressors emulations… 😉
        I like really a lot some of the Bootsy (now variety of sound plugs) but is not the case of the VCS optocomp…
        None of the compressors u listed in fact has some sort of “transient vs steady state time release dependance”, that is one of the most appealing LA-2A “features”…
        Blockfish is the only one of those you mentioned that has “that” behaviour but has even a strong “transient in your face” character that is not always good, at least on some sources…

        “…and EQs are always more different to our ears than compressors ever will be, because we can hear differences in frequency much better than in dynamics.”
        Are you sure???…think for a moment…you can recognize a violin even if you band pass it strongly (think an old am radio) but i challenge you tu recognize it if you change its ADSR (attack,decay are heavely modified by compressors 😉 ) , or in other words if you act on its DYNAMIC envelope…
        My friend 90% of a compressor sound it’s in how it change the DYNAMIC envelope of a signal not its level… 😉

  3. Bob 2011/05/08 at 16:24

    My Italien friend,
    with all my respects for your obvious abilities in hearing and the good knowledge about opto compressing behaviour 😉 let me first agree with you, that -of course- none of my freeware suggestions actualy can compete with the complex dynamic process found in an LA-2A. Thats why i wrote, that the best one among these (mda limiter) is just CLOSE to what i actually use -> Ren.Comp (LA-2A in most cases need a pre or post 1176, and is only good on specific signals). And i even heard quite better Optos like ArtsAcoustic CL or the almost unknown Outhouse Elatua, which both i could imagine to use even for Mastering, but unfortunately not afford them. 😉 I even heard the Softube CL 1B, an Opto compressor where i thought, o.k. this is now too much of good Opto. You know, there is a grade of Transient Softening that is … sorry, but … simply too gay to my ears ! 😉

    However, Yes, serious Opto-behaviour is indeed still a lack on the freeware market! (Although… if bootsy would extract the VCS comp and give it more common controls instead of these knobs ?… mhm … its realy a lot of LA-2A in there). I think the problem is, that Opto is not reached by just adding a feedback circuit or an S-shaped knee or saturation. Waves e.g. wrote in the R.Comp manual: “Opto is actually the inverse of Electro. Opto-coupled behavior always “put on the brakes” as the gain reduction approaced 0dB, i.e., the release time gets slower as the “needle comes back to zero”. As in Electro, this is true only when the GR is less than 3dB; when greater than 3dB, the release time is faster. This is the vintage emulation that sounds so great for drums and more!”

    I`m shure, they would not have give this information if it would be the 100% to know about opto compression. Opto algorhythms realy seem to be a hard challenge for developers. Even Eversmaiers result cannot compete LA-2A or one of the other commercial ones (although he is a german 😉 ). I realy tried to come close what i heard during my 14 day UAD demo, with different opto memory and sc-lowcut and emphasis and saturation, but NO WAY ! The closest preset i found, was still too far away from the Original, so i had to buy it to get my Opto!

    Next to my UAD Fairchild for example, i have alternatives like Ferric or Molot, cause they can give something unique to the signal not found even in the most expensive Plugins. So Yes, i also highly expect a freeware opto revolution from one of these dev. or better both ! 😉 And Optron3A and the mda limiter can bridge the meantime here very good ! And …
    … you can´t hear the same violine, if its just comming out of the radio ??? 😉

  4. alex 2011/05/10 at 01:52

    Happy Birthday Molot, thank you and all the best to vladgsound from frankfurt.

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