Molot compressor updated to 0.2.155

First, we have new skin (see here):

Next, I added some new parameters.  Molot was initially designed for input levels of -12 dbFS so you have 12 dB of headroom. If you have your levels for 0 dbFS or even more than that Molot can distort your sound. It is sometimes pleasant sometimes not. Now we have input gain control and built-in saturation can be turned off. By the way the saturation was always the part of Molot sound and saturation control was linked with “Ratio” knob. So the more ratio you set the more your sound was saturated. Now the saturation can be independent from ratio value. And finally you can place limiter at the end of signal chain or turn it off if you dislike it.

[Check it here]

NOTE #1. Only Windows version was updated. Mac version will be updated soon.

NOTE #2. As the number of VST parameters was changed some DAWs I beleive don’t handle right the plugin upgrade in existing projects. So be careful! (I checked plugin upgrade in Cubase only and it works fine!)

And this is changelog for this version (you can see changelogs for all of the versions here):

  • New skin from Miroslav Pajic <info AT miropajic DOT com>
  • New parameters (showed by clicking triangle in the bottom left corner):
      “Input” – input gain setting
      “Lim”   – limiter control:
        “Pre”   – compressor -> limiter -> EQ -> Makeup -> Dry Mix
        “Post”  – compressor -> EQ -> Makeup -> Dry Mix -> limiter
        “Off”   – no limiter
      “Sat”   – saturator control:
        “Ratio” – linked with “Ratio” control. The more ratio the more saturation
        “On”    – saturator is on (saturation is less than in “Ratio” mode)
        “Off”   – saturator is off
      “Bypass” – if “on” signal is bypassed all processing except “Input” gain
  • Noise level at high sample rate settings slightly increased

5 responses to “Molot compressor updated to 0.2.155

  1. Felix 2011/05/06 at 21:28

    Wonderful, thank you so much, Vlad! Nothing left to wish for, except from an RMS compression mode. 😉

  2. miro 2011/05/08 at 12:45

    Wonderfull update! At first I was sceptical but everything was well adopted from previous projects.
    The new input gain function kicks ass! +12dB makes the character even more prominent. I’m not kidding: It is my favorite compressor plugin! (free or not free…)

  3. colin 2011/05/23 at 20:07

    can’t get cubase 5 to recognize the plugin on windows 7 64 bit…tried both 64 and 32 bit versions

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