Monthly Archives: June 2011

New very early development version of clipper plugin

I’m glad to introduce early development version of new clipper plugin!

The main question: is it good enough to make GUI and release it or it’s too raw? In latter case I’ll continue development.

[Serp Clipper Win 32 VST version]

[Serp Clipper Win 64 VST version]

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Molot compressor updated to 0.2.168

Check this out at [downloads] section.

What’s new? In short: “max on render” feature added and the sound was slightly changed.

Note: If you don’t like sound changes you can download and use one of previous versions.

Warning! The plugin-ID was changed! If your want to update your plugin by new version it’s better to rename and leave old version to be working with your old projects. Why I did this? I know a lot of people has released projects with Molot used. As the sound in new version was changed a bit those people must have ability to recall their projects sounding as they was but at the same time to use the new version of Molot in new projects.

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