Molot on “sleepmakeswaves” band album

…and so we destroyed everything
[digital album] [band site]

Produced by Dax Liniere and Alex Wilson.
Recorded at Asgard Gatehouse and mixed at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios by Dax Liniere / www.puzzlefactory.com.au
Mastered by Howie Weinberg.

Discussing thread:


You can hear Molot “on many clean and overdrive guitar tones”.

(sleepmakeswaves is the great post-rock band from Sydney)

PS. I have problems with my health so last month I didn’t work with plugins. Sorry about that.


2 responses to “Molot on “sleepmakeswaves” band album

  1. Alteregoxxx 2011/08/05 at 16:14

    Don’t mind for the plugs! Keep care of yourself man! Hope you’ll be better soon! 🙂

  2. Josue 2011/08/22 at 06:49

    Hey! Just wanted to say thanks from the US. I’ve yet to test your software extensively, but so far so good. Also I like thanking people who make freeware things!
    Do get well!

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