Just some thoughts aloud

First, I’m feeling better now and I start do things what I usually do. I’ve got three thoughts that I want to share.

  1. Molot’s freezing GUI on FXpansion wrappers
  2. What to do with Molot
  3. Use of Studio One Artist for quick & simple mixes


1. Molot’s freezing GUI on FXpansion wrappers

There’s some programmer’s info:


VST-RTAS has always used non compositing windows, you just need to make sure that a) the mouse()/draw() code path has not been #def’ed out in your build with all the silly deprecation macros (why in the blue hell did they deprecate stuff in 2.4 when they were only going to go and break the whole fragging thing completely and utterly in 3.0? seriously, there is something very very wrong in the coffee supply over in Hamburg…), and b) your event handling code can install suitable event handlers and suchlike for both compositing windows (create a UserPane and attach control event listeners) and non compositing (install kEventClassMouse and kEventWindowDraw on the provided WindowRef).


VSTGUI works very well with non compositing windows. If you want to get the plugin working in the wrapper you need to send the effEditMouse opcode call to the CFrame::mouse method.

 I tried this but there was no luck. The GUI controls are still frozen on Mac with FXpansion wrapper. I think there was my mistake to use VST GUI for GUI programming. I should try a couple more Mac “sessions” (I don’t own Mac) to solve this. It this won’t work all I must do is to rewrite Molot GUI to some another library. JUCE for example (like The Glue compressor and a lot of another plugins).

2. What to do with Molot

I have not so many ideas instead of compatibility with wrappers to implement:

  1. Do something with VU meter calibration (calibrate it to 0VU=-18dbFs or allow user to support calibration)
  2. Redraw “hidden” switches in the way like backpanel and trimpots.
  3. Add RMS mode.

I don’t have plans to make it commercial so it’s impossible to obtain official RTAS SDK. In case I should rewrite GUI to JUCE I easily can make fully working AU version with GUI. Not so many ideas so I want to do new plugins!

BTW, I have idea to make some educational YouTube video of using Molot compressor on real mix. As I didn’t ever create educational videos maybe it’s not bad idea to use educational audio on SoundCloud with comments of my actions using SoundCloud timed comments.

3. Use of Studio One Artist for quick & simple mixes

The idea of Studio One Artist was to use it for song composing. But I always wanted to try it for simple mixing. Finally I tried it on 10 tracks live recording without any expectations of real result. And yes, the conclusion is it’s possible to use only built-in Studio One Artist plugins for simple mixes. It was a lot of fun doing it. (The track was recorded on soundcheck from mixing desk direct outputs in untreated hall in “Logovo” biker’s club. The track was mixed on notebook with closed headphones. I didn’t check the sound on monitors.)


Below this must be SoundCloud player if I did it right 🙂

20 responses to “Just some thoughts aloud

  1. bruce landry 2011/08/25 at 01:15

    “calibrate it to 0VU=-18dbFs”, hip hip hooray!

  2. modulo2008 2011/08/25 at 03:17

    I luv this plugins & want to move GUI with VST-RTAS wrapper.
    thanks & keep progressing!

  3. richard penrose 2011/08/25 at 03:21

    Those three options for Molot are a great idea and am very much looking forward to a version with these implemented!! Thanks for this great compressor and your hardwork and generosity for providing it for free!!

  4. Boy Kortman 2011/08/25 at 15:30

    MOLOT has a problem in Logic 9, at least @ my setup it does, when closing the project and re-opening it the compressor shuts down, it’s a real shame since the compressor is really good and i would like to use it in the near future.

    – Sinosonis

  5. Jay Key 2011/09/08 at 17:58

    Great news !

    Any word about the clipper tough ?

    By the way the song sounds good even on monitors. Some imperfections here and there like the bass and cymbals at first listen, but everything sits great in the mix. Well done !

    • vladgsound 2011/09/13 at 17:32

      Hi Jay Key! I was busy a lot so no news about clipper. I’ve got a new concept about clipper it but had no time to implement and check it. Development of plugins is not so fast thing for me. But I don’t give up 🙂

    • vladgsound 2011/09/13 at 17:37

      Dont be serious with that mix. It’s just a lot of fun experimenting with such a kind of lo-fi live recordings. You just can’t make it sounds worst! 🙂 The only thing you should keep in mind – the impression you had when you listened it live!

      • Jay Key 2011/09/16 at 02:34

        Thanks for the reply. Wish you could complete your plugin projects with great success.

        Will keep my eyes opened on your blog from time to time ;).

        Don’t give up, never ever.

  6. Chris 'Von Pimpenstein' Carter 2011/09/13 at 04:48

    I would recommend really focusing your efforts on maximum compatibility for Molot. The calibration thing, hidden switches, and RMS would be cool, but aren’t a big deal. There are quite a few very successful pros like myself who have been touting this compressor. Word will eventually spread, but it will take time – but any compatibility issues will kill things pretty quickly for you and the compressor and would prevent you from becomming a household name. So make compatibility and stability your #1 priority.

  7. Alteregoxxx 2011/09/15 at 13:15

    I would take a look at the antialiasing low-pass filter used in Molot: lots of aliasing even when 8x umpsampled.Put a 12Khz pure sine at the Molot input (with saturation on obviously), put Voxengo Span (or any other spectrum analyzer) after Molot and look, for example, at that nasty 3th harmonic that come back in as an alias at 8.1 Khz, or at the 4th harmonic that come back in as an alias at 3.9 Khz (i work at 44.1 Khz sample rate). The alias remain the same (and i mean THE SAME) regardless of selected upsampling factor…
    Maybe the used anti-alias low-pass filter has a too gentle slope ?…or, even worst…have you forget to insert an antialias low pass filter?? 😛

    …oh and an idea maybe a new compressor, a Molot “on stereoids” , implementing interesting concepts (technically but especially musically) like frequency dependent compression ratio (La2A like) , EventTimeDuration dependent time release (1176 Like) , frequency dependent saturation algorithm (all the real analog circuits behave more or less in this manner)

    Thanks for your generosity man! 🙂

    • vladgsound 2011/09/15 at 15:50

      > Maybe the used anti-alias low-pass filter has a too gentle slope ?…

      Yes. 2nd order. I didn’t like the sound of high order filters. But I actually have plans to experiment with this LPF to filter out those harmonics in this month (a lot of people not only you mention this).

      But I really don’t hear aliasing on 4x and 8x on my monitors. Music is hearing but not watching graphics, isn’t it?

      Anyway thanks for information. When the version with high-order filter will be ready I’ll make it public for all people to check the difference.

      • Alteregoxxx 2011/09/15 at 17:57

        Well Vladg, for sure music is hearing and not watching graphics but, and is a big BUT, if you put an 8x upsampling on Molot and using it has to mean an 8X cpu consumption (!!!) in exchange for a little less aliasing (really really really a little, less than 8-9 dB for an 8x upsampling!) the upsampling itself, IMHO, loose its utility…no? But the developer is you so…thanks for the plugs, i was just trying to help 🙂

      • vladgsound 2011/09/16 at 01:58

        Yes, you’re right 🙂
        CPU consumption is a weak place of this compressor 🙂
        Anyway I’ll try to change filters and let’s see the result 🙂

      • Alteregoxxx 2011/09/18 at 04:14

        Oh, Vladg what do you think on the suggestion i made in the second part of my previous comments ( Molot “on steroids” 😀 ) ?

      • vladgsound 2011/09/25 at 00:25

        Oh, I don’t have any ideas about how to implement it yet. But maybe I should make another compressor for those suggestions?

  8. Chris 'Von Pimpenstein' Carter 2011/09/17 at 18:23

    Just make sure if you fix the anti-aliasing that you don’t accidentally lose the magic!

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