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Using SoX resampler in VST plugins

If you hear about SoX resampler and what SoX library is for the first time go and see the links.

Using SoX resampler inside plugin is quite simple. First, append these files of libsox (see the image, sox-14.3.2 was used in my example):

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Wow! This blog has more than 100000 views

Not a million but anyway it’s cool because I did nothing to promote it.

There’re top referrers:

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Molot manual preview

I’ve written a manual for Molot compressor. Don’t know yet is it good enough and is it the time to write about it on all forums.

[English version

[Russian version]

My english knowledge is far from good. If anyone is eager to fix my mistakes he (or she) can download [this doc-file], fix it and send me back. All I can to do with thanks is to mention your help.

EDIT: Thanks to Bayan for English translation correction!

EDIT2: Now I think the english manual is quite OK.

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