Slow RMS limiter module prototype


My idea is the slow RMS limiter before peak limiter/clipper helps to maintain constant crest factor and improves sound. So I did simple plugin to check this idea. Download it here: [slow RMS limiter VST plugin (x86,x64)].

The plugin parameters:

  • “Gain” – input gain boost before any processing;
  • “Thresh.” – RMS limiting threshold;
  • “Attack” – think of it like RMS window size for signal level detector. The attack time is in seconds. The minimum value is 0.05 = 50 ms.
  • “Release” – gain reduction release time. This time is time constant based (the time for GR to fall from 100% to 36.8%). In minimum “Off” position release time for gain reduction is not used;
  • “Sidechn.” – sidechain high-pass filter (based on Molot one);
  • “DryMix” – mix output with raw input (before gain boost) to fatten it up;
  • “Lookahd.” – control lookahead. If “On” 10 ms lookahead is used. If “Attack” parameter has minimum value lookahead really helps to limit kick peaks for example. For greater attack times it helps to soften the sound. You can turn it off for taste or for realtime usage (if “Off” the plugin has zero latency).

The plugin is a bit tricky to tune up but I like it! Now I think it’s time to mix all my module prototypes to single cool limiter plugin!

PS. According to this site statistics “Most visitors came from The United States. Germany & Japan”. Maybe it’s a good idea to make translation of Molot GUI or even Molot manual to German & Japanese languages? Does anyone eager to help? Ж-)

3 responses to “Slow RMS limiter module prototype

  1. Jay Key 2012/01/22 at 05:30

    Hey, did not tested the latest “modules”, but I’m patiently waiting for the final clipper/limiter plugin.

    Really interesting reading, as usual.

    Glad that your progressing with your developments.

  2. Dean Aka Nekro 2012/01/23 at 15:03

    Cheers and fitting them all together sounds like a plan to me man 🙂


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