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Draft GUI in progress. Part 2.

The latest version for arrangement of controls is on the picture. The concept called “big indicators” 🙂

The signal chain is: RMS compressor -> Peak limiter -> HF limiter -> Clipper -> True peak limiter

The plan is:

  1. Prepare public alpha version of limiter plugin. This version will have draft GUI but all functionality included and working.
  2. Prepare next release of Molot compressor.
  3. Take a break and make photorealistic GUI for limiter plugin.

Good luck!


Draft GUI in progress

Just completed draft GUI for new limiter plugin. The next step is try to use it in some projects and make presets. And also to determine unneccessary functionality. After that the plugin will be ready to test.

Here’s some screenshots to show the progress.

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True peak limiting module enhanced

Just did last changes in true peak limiting module allowing to clip sound without inter-sample clipping. First it was mentioned in this post. And this is the last version.

After that I’ve made union of all modules to new Limiter6 plugin mentioned here. Unfortunately it has too many parameters and without GUI and levels indication it’s truly brain damage to try to use it:

The concept was changed a bit. Now this is slow RMS limiter followed by very fast peak limiter followed by the clipper and ended with true peak limiting stage. All stages can be turned on and off. Peak limiter and the clipper can work in M/S mode. Peak limiter can also work as high-frequency limiter. The whole plugin can work in stereo mode for master or mix busses and in mono mode for instrument tracks which I believe can be useful.

The conclusion? I have to do simple GUI for it and try to use the plugin in sample projects to find its strongest and weakest points. That’s the way.


Peak limiter module enhanced


It’s -20 C (-4 F) behind the window, a lot of snow and I’m really disappointed with peak limiter module. So I did a try to enhance it. You can check this [peak limiter VST plugin (x86,x64)]. I think it sounds better this time.

Now  I can continue to build up my new mega-limiter from all modules I have (see previous post). The codename for this project is now “Limiter 6” (in japanese it sounds like “rimitta roku” which I like).

On the first look it’s gonna be too many knobs and switches. So it’s really a challenge to place them all on GUI and make it usable. Maybe I should remove or hide some of them…

I’m continuing my work. Good luck!