True peak limiting module enhanced

Just did last changes in true peak limiting module allowing to clip sound without inter-sample clipping. First it was mentioned in this post. And this is the last version.

After that I’ve made union of all modules to new Limiter6 plugin mentioned here. Unfortunately it has too many parameters and without GUI and levels indication it’s truly brain damage to try to use it:

The concept was changed a bit. Now this is slow RMS limiter followed by very fast peak limiter followed by the clipper and ended with true peak limiting stage. All stages can be turned on and off. Peak limiter and the clipper can work in M/S mode. Peak limiter can also work as high-frequency limiter. The whole plugin can work in stereo mode for master or mix busses and in mono mode for instrument tracks which I believe can be useful.

The conclusion? I have to do simple GUI for it and try to use the plugin in sample projects to find its strongest and weakest points. That’s the way.


6 responses to “True peak limiting module enhanced

  1. Dean Aka Nekro 2012/02/06 at 05:08

    Great news and looking forwards to giving it a run when it is deemed ready. The mid/side processing options are a big draw for me personally. Brainworx music’s pedigree had me very intrested in the bx_XL plug-in but i was pretty dissapointed with it and that is one of only a few bx plug-ins which did not click/do it for me. I am on XP SP3, Win7 SP1 and run Pro Tools M-Powered 7 v7.4.x & LE 8 v8.0.5 (VST to RTAS adaptor), Ableton Live 8, Sony Sound Forge 10 Pro plus a few other bits and bobs (sub-hosts if you like). If you want/need testers then hit me up and i would be happy to help. All the best your way and take care man 😀

    • vladgsound 2012/02/06 at 12:29

      Thanks a lot! After draft GUI development and some presets this thing will be ready to test!

      BTW, I have the last idea: try to add multiband mode for middle modules: peak limiter and the clipper. I want to check it soon to decide add it or not.

  2. STEVE 2012/02/07 at 04:20

    Good news… Im so happy… And I hope you will make an army GUI for the limiter too. Because that is your “brand”.
    Good Luck

  3. nilhartman 2012/02/24 at 01:26

    Can’t wait to try it ! Please consider a dual-mono mode, it’s one of those details that makes Molot shines !
    Cheers !

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