Draft GUI in progress. Part 2.

The latest version for arrangement of controls is on the picture. The concept called “big indicators” 🙂

The signal chain is: RMS compressor -> Peak limiter -> HF limiter -> Clipper -> True peak limiter

The plan is:

  1. Prepare public alpha version of limiter plugin. This version will have draft GUI but all functionality included and working.
  2. Prepare next release of Molot compressor.
  3. Take a break and make photorealistic GUI for limiter plugin.

Good luck!


16 responses to “Draft GUI in progress. Part 2.

  1. bduffy 2012/02/22 at 03:45

    Cool! Will there be a Mac version?

  2. Dean Aka Nekro 2012/02/22 at 03:50

    No rest for the wicked Vlad, Hope that it all goes as smoothly as possible and that you make sure to get some ‘You’ time in. Nice one dude and all the best


  3. Richard 2012/02/22 at 12:20

    Thanks for all your hard work and generosity!

  4. Bob 2012/02/22 at 20:21

    Yes man, all the best for you. And it would be great if the new plugs GUI would have the same width as Molots GUI, so that they can be racked together, you know ? Some developers create their plugs similar in style, but forget to give them exactly the same width. I dont want to write names here, cause the sound of their plugins is good, so their image should be still well (oops!) too. 😉

    • vladgsound 2012/02/22 at 20:51

      BTW, the Molot GUI was 672×504 🙂 I don’t see problems to make GUI with the size like this 🙂

      • Bob 2012/02/22 at 21:01

        great ! But in case of an experiment, imagine you would be the first one creating the Ultimate Full Screen Huge Knobs Fat Meters Vintage Plugin ! Automaticly expanding to full screen !
        Slobber ! 😉

      • bduffy 2012/02/22 at 22:19

        Sorry, but I just can’t see why it’s important for virtual effects to be exactly the same size so they’re “stackable”, no offense to Bob. I think it’s a little unreasonable to expect developers to make everything the same width, all the time.

  5. Bob 2012/02/23 at 01:53

    No Problem, bduffy. You`re welcome ! 😉
    They must have the same width , because order is the mother of creativity and esthetics.
    best regards

  6. STEVE 2012/02/27 at 00:27

    Any manual? Because it has lot of functionality. Five stage in one plugin. Good work on this. Well done.

  7. Ashley Smith 2012/03/01 at 04:32

    Look forward to testing the Mac version. Thanks for keeping us informed of your progress.

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