Molot vs. new plugin

I’m experimenting with usage of new plugin as dynamics processor effect in mixing to try to make presets and to find its weakest points.  A year ago I tried to use only Molot in test mixes and now I try to use the new plugin.

It is an interesting test. To compare the character of new plugin with Molot I used both of them for 8 track drum record which is the part of the mix I was experimenting with.

NOTE: These are soundcloud links but don’t press “play” button because due to mp3 soundcloud’s encoder they contain a lot of encoding artifacts. Just download these records (as 32-bit waves ~70 Mbytes each, press “arrow down” button to do it) and then listen to them.

#1. Molot compressor. Presets “kick”, “snare”, “overheads”, “room”, “DRUM BUSS”, “Master BUSS” were used. The sound is… aggressive and hammering! 🙂


#2. New plugin was used for kick, snare, room tracks and drum and master busses. The sound is… For me it’s very soft, wide and with a lot of depth.


#3. Molot plus new plugin. Molot plugin was used for kick, snare, overheads and room tracks. New plugin was used for drum and master busses. For me these plugins are like the best friends 🙂


Also the screenshot of settings that were used:

5 responses to “Molot vs. new plugin

  1. mark wilson 2012/03/01 at 06:00

    Can you please disclose all the parameters used on your plugins for the tracks? i would like to reproduce your results in my studio.

    • vladgsound 2012/03/01 at 17:49

      Do you mean I must show all plugins settings which I used in this track or just new limiter / Molot settings?

      • mc 2012/03/02 at 11:48

        Just Limiter/Molot — You could screen shot the plug in settings

      • vladgsound 2012/03/03 at 19:09

        Molot compressor. “Presets “kick”, “snare”, “overheads”, “room”, “DRUM BUSS”, “Master BUSS” were used” (unchanged)
        Limiter: “Also the screenshot of settings that were used” (at the end of the post)

  2. Dean Aka Nekro 2012/03/07 at 22:55

    Will dowload these vladg and i was not aware that soundcloud let one upload hiqh-quality files but obviously the player does not play them right, Thank you for that tip. Cheers


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