Molot plus new limiter plugin

I’m continuing my experiments with new plugin to prepare public alpha version. You can check my test of using it on master.

This is my old work for Sound on Sound “Flags” remix competition. Just mixdown. No mastering processing. “Molot” was the only type of compressor used for this mix. 


(as usual I recommend you do not press “play” and listen soundcloud’s encoded mp3 but download wave file by pressing “arrow down” button)

And this is my try to use new limiter plugin on master.


This is the screenshot of settings (public alpha will come soon and you’ll be able to try it).

And also Sound on Sound’s Mike Senior version of remix just for kicks.


Check also this:


And a note about last freeware compressors released. I like these compressors very much:



Thumbs up!

2 responses to “Molot plus new limiter plugin

  1. sean 2012/03/11 at 20:48

    this limiter plugin looks pretty sweet. hope the graphics r as nice as molot though.

    • vladgsound 2012/03/11 at 21:09

      I’m preparing Mac version now. Soon the public alpha version will be available to check the sound. After that I’ll start to draw cool GUI instead of that temporary one.

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