New limiter plugin public alpha version is almost ready

Today I did version for Mac OS X. Only couple of bugs left to fix. So the public alpha version soon will be available!

Check this screenshot ^^

9 responses to “New limiter plugin public alpha version is almost ready

  1. mark wilson 2012/03/14 at 00:58

    I hope it comes with a user manual.

  2. GUIlike 2012/03/14 at 07:52

    I actually like the simple stripped down alpha GUI.

    Maybe you can put an option in the final version that allows the user to switch between the actual GUI and this one. I’d love it!

    If anybody feels the same, pease comment! 🙂

    • vladgsound 2012/03/17 at 00:44

      I don’t think it’s possible. Final GUI will be 30-40% bigger because I have to put scales around knobs. All knob position and sizes will change. So it’s not easy to simply apply old “skin”. By the way you didn’t see the final GUI! 🙂

      • GUIlike 2012/03/17 at 18:26

        Ok. I have no knowledge in that area so thanks for clearing that up.
        And I’m sure I will enjoy the final GUI very much 🙂

  3. Dean Aka Nekro 2012/03/14 at 23:32

    Great to hear Vlad, Looking forwards to it man and yeah the GUI ‘as is’ works for me, Still I shall be using it no matter what it looks like as already it does sound good but also can do alot more than just simply sitting on a master out due to the combination of controls available 😀 Bottom line another really useful and class processor in my very humble honest opinion

    Best to you and to all as always


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