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No way 🙂


Molot and external sidechaining

There are 2 ways to achieve external stereo sidechaining in VST plugins:

  1. Use VST3 format.
  2. Use 4 inputs (1, 2 for signal and  3, 4 for sidechain) and DAW that supports 4 inputs routing (Reaper for example).

My choise for Molot 0.3 is #2. If you select external sidechaining in GUI it looks something like this:

But if your DAW doesn’t support 4 inputs, this is the version of Molot 0.3 with 2 inputs and disabled external sidechaining support:

[Molot 0.3: 2 channels version (VST, Windows 32-bit, 64-bit)]


Molot 0.3 is out

What’s new? In short:

  1. External stereo sidechaining support (inputs 3 and 4).
  2. Linear phase oversampling support (latency 344 samples).

See more details on [Molot] compressor page.

PS. Yes, I know this GUI for extended parameters doesn’t look so good. It will be changed to more usable one in the next release.