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Limiter6 GUI design is 99% ready. The last step is to program it!


As I promised there will be 2 GUI versions for limiter plugin. I’ve spent some time to find good color scheme for “simple” GUI version. The idea was not to copy color scheme of some known plugins that I like but to implement something different. After a couple of cups of tea with reishi mushroom I’ve got the next concept:


And after next sessions I’ve completed the “simple” GUI draft:

Now I’m starting to program these GUIs for beta version!

See you soon.

Limiter6 beta is not ready yet.

Hi all! I’m really overloaded and I have not enough free time to complete Limiter6 beta.

First, I want to post some “fan-art” stuff for alpha version.

1. Blue skin by Ade Emsley. Use it with alpha version if you like it.

[Limiter6 alpha with blue theme (Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions)]

[Limiter6 alpha with blue theme (Mac OS X 32-bit version)]

(NOTE: Mac OS X version has small bug. If you change “Dry Mix” parameter with mouse wheel it’s OK. But it you change it with mouse drag the shown parameter value is not updated.)

2. Cleaned up Limiter6 manual by Paul Schwartz

[Limiter6 manual]

3. I almost completed photo-realistic version of GUI. There’re some draft screenshots:

And this is something original. Japanese GUI translation! Thanks to Ryoma Nishiyama.

Also some working moments:

You can also check this: http://vimeo.com/42123234

Sorry for a long waiting but I try to complete it as soon as possible. See you soon!