Limiter №6 v1.0 released!

“Limiter №6” mastering modular limiter

– 5 modules: RMS compressor, Peak limiter, High-frequency limiter, Clipper, True peak limiter
– high-quality signal processing to use for mastering purposes
– brickwall and soft limiting with different timing settings
– M/S and multiband modes
– optional 4x oversampling
– true inter-sample peaks (ISP) limiting
– analog-style indication
– 2 different GUIs

[Limiter №6] [Лимитер №6]


PS. If you want to fix my english in the manual you can use this [doc-version] to change. Thank you!


15 responses to “Limiter №6 v1.0 released!

  1. ABOBA 2012/06/26 at 07:15

    Yeaaah! Congratulations!
    Thanks you very much!

  2. dddux 2012/06/26 at 10:23

    Thank you so much, Vlad! I can’t wait to try it. Yay! 🙂 I’ve been even using the beta version without any problems. 😉 Cheers!

  3. Peter 2012/06/26 at 13:37

    Thank you Vlad, this is wonderful! I’ve been using it since the early alpha version, for me it’s definitely a go-to limiter in most cases. I’m more than happy that you’ve included 4x oversampling in the peak limiter stage, it just makes it even better! 🙂

  4. Ike Haze 2012/06/26 at 18:34


  5. Dean Aka Nekro 2012/06/27 at 01:39

    Thanks Vlad man, Stoked that it is released and can’t wait to grab v1.0.0 and get it going on the sessions/projects I have tracked/am mixing down & doing My own homebrew mastering thing upon. All the best to You as always 🙂


  6. csz 2012/06/27 at 02:10

    Vladgsound and Variety Of Sound are the BEST!!! thank you !!!

  7. Oblomov 2012/06/27 at 10:27

    That’s a stunning plugin. Is there a way to use our beta presets with this version? Nothing happens when I try to load them (from Studio One v2). Also, do you project to release a second GUI for Molot, similar to the second Limiter6 GUI?
    Anyway, spasibo bolshoe from Paris for your outstanding dedication! You’re making the world a better place!

  8. jerry 2012/07/01 at 06:09

    is it me or do they sound a little different from one another they dont 100% null with same settings one is cleaner and my transparent and the other has a more mid range saturation feel almost warmer punchy I love em both by the way but i did a null test no null and I can hear it to.

  9. Störrisch 2012/07/23 at 20:40

    thx, great! 🙂

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