Limiter №6 64-bit Mac VST version preview

I successfully built 32/64-bit (universal binary) VST version of Limiter №6 for Mac OS X. I didn’t test it a lot and also I have suspicion it has problems with RTAS wrapper (didn’t check it yet) but if you want it you can check this version for your risk.

After the moment I can call this version “stable” I’ll update links on “downloads” page.


EDIT: just received notification about this version:

“(…) it just crashed studio one 2.0.6 mac for the first time, when I instantiated it:
I just installed your new version, gui2–no crashes before today on earlier (non64 ) version”

PS. And also some cool comments about my distinctive GUIs 🙂

(by “nothing” user): “Typical russian product. Clunky interface, looks like an artifact from the deep sea, and unreadable interface.”
(by “Its Clipping” user): “And I do have Molot installed from the same developer. It’s quite a good plugin, though the interface is indeed a bit brutal lol.”

(from forum at Image-Line)

One response to “Limiter №6 64-bit Mac VST version preview

  1. ABOBA 2012/07/11 at 09:08

    I like the interfaces of your plugins)

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