VSTGUI 4.0.1 and VST RTAS Wrapper

Developers only information. I did VSTGUI 3.5 -> VSTGUI 4.0.1 port for latest Limiter №6 version to support 64-bit Mac and I (again) have problems with VST RTAS Wrapper on Mac (with Molot I almost solved them in 0.2.168c version if you remember) and Limiter №6 v1.0 worked fine with this wrapper most of the time.

VSTGUI 3.5 worked with RTAS Wrapper on Mac with these defines: “-DTARGET_API_MAC_CARBON -DVST_FORCE_DEPRECATED=0 -DVSTGUI_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_METHODS=0” (from Makefile, I don’t use Xcode) and small fixes in function prototypes:


– virtual long mouse (long x, long y);
+ virtual VstInt32 mouse (VstInt32 x, VstInt32 y);


-long AEffGUIEditor::mouse (long x, long y)
+VstInt32 AEffGUIEditor::mouse (VstInt32 x, VstInt32 y)

Do you want to know why VSTGUI 4.0.1 doesn’t work? I’d better draw an answer:


4 responses to “VSTGUI 4.0.1 and VST RTAS Wrapper

  1. Dan 2012/07/13 at 13:24

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashley Smith 2012/07/13 at 17:34


    I would recommend you contact Angus at FXpansion.com to talk you through the VST-RTAS Wrapper guidelines.

    • vladgsound 2012/07/13 at 18:03

      The details are known: VST-RTAS Wrapper supports VST 2.3 only. Currently the most supported version of VST SDK is 2.4. Steinberg declared some features of 2.3 that were removed in 2.4 as “deprecated” but VST-RTAS Wrapper uses them. I don’t blame VST-RTAS Wrapper developers in this particular post but I do it for VSTGUI developers because it was possible to build VST 2.3 compatible code with VSTGUI 3.5. I can fix it but it takes my time.

      • Ashley Smith 2012/07/13 at 18:08

        Understood! Steinberg effectively broke compatibility as it were for those wanting to utilise the wrapper, and neither company has done much but say developers need to sort issues themselves.

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