Proximity: modules and operational modes [new video!]



PS. I can confirm the bug with plugin crash on ctrl + click (or cmd + click on Mac). It occurs in GUI#1 when you use ctrl + click on control label (but not on control itself). Patched version soon will be available.


5 responses to “Proximity: modules and operational modes [new video!]

  1. Enrico Pigozzi 2012/11/21 at 04:28

    could I leave here a little suggestion? when modifying the bass and the treble response, the perceived gain is not 1:1 with the real gain change in db, because it modifies the loudness perception of the human hearing, in this case dramatizing even more the sensation of gain loss as the fader is pulled down. in my opinion a better weighted effect should compensate for it, giving a reduced gain attenuation range when such modules (bass, highs) are activated, respecting the dynamic modification of the Fletcher–Munson contours curves for equal loudness. also, is it possible to avoid the plugin latency? (I’d love to use it for live situations, where for example I wouldn’t need the Doppler section that i guess is the cause for the latency)
    i’d love to read soon from you, this is such a great plug! really, I think it should be implemented in daws (ask Harrison if you can get involved into mixxbus 😉 )

    • vladgsound 2012/11/21 at 13:36

      Thanks for idea of gain compensation!

      About latency, it is possible to make it like in Limiter6: “max.latency mode” (when the latency is fixed) and “min.latency mode” (when plugin’s using minimum possible latency).
      In current version there’re 2 sources of latency: delay module (which allows to add “negative” delays up to 0.35 m recalculated in samples) and resampler module (48 samples of delay in latest version).

      I know, currently this plugin unusable for live situations but don’t forget, this is competition entry. The time for making it was restricted and all public testing was prohibited. Also until end of competition only bug fixes are allowed.

      But after the end of competition it is possible to release the next version of this plugin with new features!

      • Enrico Pigozzi 2012/11/21 at 15:20

        thanks! don’t worry i’m in no hurry! I already have some (really rudimental and not weighted) macros that do what you intelligently did. it was just sharing my thoughts on it, so that you could get new ideas for future updates. and nobody is going to complain about your great job here in any case, I assure! 🙂
        however, there’s another idea in the same league of my previous one. in some cases, I found that the complementary operation works as well. let me explain better: instead of
        lowering bass-treble while compensating with less gain loss,
        (to give a perceived loudness loss),
        in some cases I found really useful to
        lower gain, while slightly compensating by accentuating the contour.
        this gives presence but leaves room for other tracks, so that automating i.e. a guitar to duck vocals let us perceive both tracks equally loud not only for their spectral content, but also for the psycoacustical reconstruction of the gain staging. actually, the guitar and the voice will be both in the same equal loudness curve!
        again, I’d be glad to hear what you think about it.

  2. Fabien 2012/11/22 at 03:55

    Enrico, thanks for the truly interesting input! As Vlad already mentioned, we aren’t allowed to do more than bug fixes for the time of the contest. But we got some much valuable feedback from producers (including yours!) that you can expect of nice functional update Late ’12 or early 2013.

  3. Enrico Pigozzi 2012/11/22 at 06:02

    as I wrote before, it was just sharing, and not expecting to see it realised any soon. glad you find them interesting, keep on with your work, it’s really good!
    thnks again

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