Tokyo Dawn Labs Proximity and KVR DC12

Yeah, we finally got KVR DC12 results! Proximity is 2nd for Windows and the 1st for Mac, oh yeah!


  1. Congratulations to VoS ThrillseekerXTC!
  2. Congratulations to Tokyo Dawn Labs Proximity (and me as the half of the project)
  3. Congratulations to g200kg Kamioooka!


And also for all who voted, THANK YOU! Because your votes was the best motivation for all developers.

And my personal conclusions. 1. Herbert is invincible. We both have more than 2 times less votes that he has 🙂 2. Youtube videos are very good for promotion, BTW.

And here’s the brief story how it all began. Looks like a fragment from movie 🙂

18-Aug-2012, “Vladislav Goncharov”:

Hello Fabien! How are you?

Do you have any ideas for KVR dev challenge by the way?


18-Aug-2012, “Fabien | Tokyo Dawn Records”:

Hey Vladg,

nice to hear from you!

I saw it a few days ago, but I’m not sure, when is the final deadline?


03-Sep-2012, “Vladislav Goncharov”:

You should create and post your plugin before 1st of November. (…) You can send your de-esser and maybe you’ll get the prize! 🙂


03-Sep-2012, “Fabien | Tokyo Dawn Records”:

But I have some other ideas too. I think they would be slightly more
“impressive”. One idea is a mix oriented processor called “proximity”. I
think you get the idea. An easy to use dynamic EQ / early reflection
processor with one simple “proximity” knob. I have most of the theory
“ready to begin”.

Maybe we should combine our efforts to create a mixed brand plugin for
the DC12? (…)


15-Sep-2012, “Vladislav Goncharov”:

For me it’s a complex project. (I really dislike 1-knob plugs 🙂

But I’m in! (…)

And at 23 of September my first implementation of early reflections was ready. The challenge has begun.


5 responses to “Tokyo Dawn Labs Proximity and KVR DC12

  1. Clint Martin 2012/12/08 at 16:19

    I voted Proximity #1. I think the idea behind it has the most potential, when it comes to a plugin that would be used a lot, and it’s a unique idea, I also liked Vos Thrillseeker XTC #3 for me. Ignite amps PTEq-1a is a nice simple eq. Sleepy-time records Transient was also in my top 5.
    I look forward to seeing what you do next. Your plugins are on par with anything out there! Congrats to you and Tokyo Dawn Labs.

    • alex 2013/01/02 at 01:35

      the same here i really like the idea from the proximity that is the reason why it was my 5 points.

  2. GLowX 2012/12/08 at 19:31

    Congratulations ! Killer concept and sound. I will use it more than once, if you know what i mean 😉

  3. Peter 2012/12/10 at 15:37

    Congratulations guys! Proximity is a great plugin, I’m having lots of fun with it. 🙂

  4. Nekro Dean 2012/12/11 at 13:53

    Well done Vlad my friend, Yourself and Fabien (is it IRRC?) definately deserved to be up there and indeed you were in my top two. As has been said already above your works are honestly as good as anything else I know of that is available (money or not, Just as Herbert’s work is. Heck there is quite alot of mere freeware that I wouldn’t want to at all be without). Really pleased for you dude.
    I’ll be giving the Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Feedback Compressor a very good run (Shamefully it is one I simply just have not had the chance/time to get around to trying out as you know I can not engineer fulltime. Still very much MY BAD for not making it more of a priority!). That said from what I’ve read from people I trust, Yourself included I can not go wrong with it and will just be adding another top-notch free dyanamic processor to the arsenal 8)
    I’ll bet that you would never at all in a million years guess which two were my top two votes and are pretty much regulars (One has been a regular for longer as I simply have had access to it for longer. It dropped at perhaps the worst possible time for the seemingly good bloke from Kush Audio if one happens to be a PC user and don’t mind using 32-bit VST plugins bridged if running a 64-bit OS & host. If that doesn’t give it all away I dunno what will :p ).
    Thank you for the hard work and also Fabien, I’ll thank him on KVR when I can. Proximity has been something abit special when combined with many other processors, So you two have not just managed something abit novel, abit quirky and fun yet when push comes to shove it lacks any actual substance or is special case at all but something genuinely fresh that slots in most places happy to play ball with the other team players. No mean feat at all! What a superb pairing “Vlad.T/G.Dawn Lab/Sounds” turned out.

    As always I send all my best your way from myself and family, Take care


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