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Molot 0.3.1 and Limiter №6 1.0.2 with AU support were released

What’s new in Molot 0.3.1:

  • Output and editing of numeric parameter values. (Editing not implemented in 32-bit AU version)
  • Fixed wrong mode in some presets.
  • Fixed filter used in linear phase oversampling mode.
  • Added “dithering off” option.
  • Fixed working with VstToRTAS.
  • Added AU version.
  • Added support for 10 times attack time scaling.
  • Changed limiter code (based on Limiter No6)


What’s new in Limiter №6 1.0.2:

  • Less intensive animation (to save CPU cycles);
  • Stereo-linked mode in peak-limiter was significantly improved;
  • Numeric parameter values now editable (excluding 32-bit AU version);
  • Modes I-III of peak limiter were slightly changed;
  • AU version added


AU version release notes:

  • To refresh DAW latency compensation when plugin latency is changed, audio must be restarted (stop/start);
  • Limiter №6 changes its latency in “Min.latency” mode;
  • Molot changes its latency when switched between “HQ” and “Fast” oversampling modes.


Molot v0.3.1 Windows/Mac (VST/AU) latest preview

What’s new?

  • new limiter based on Limiter No6 one;
  • editable numeric parameter values;
  • bug fixes including Vst2RTAS wrapper compatibility fixes;
  • 32/64-bit AU version.

Windows versions (32/64-bit, GUI and GUI-less and also 2-channels version):


Mac versions (32/64-bit, VST and AU):



Limiter №6 v1.0.2 Windows/Mac (VST/AU) latest preview

So finally, what’s new in version 1.0.2?

  • New stereo-linking in peak limiter significantly reduced distortions;
  • Numeric parameter values now editable;
  • Less intensive animations to reduce CPU usage;
  • Subtle changes in peak limiter Type I-III modes.

Windows version (32/64-bit, both GUI included):


Mac versions (32/64-bit, VST/AU):


AU version release notes:

  • in “Min. latency” mode to refresh host latency compensation you must stop then start playback;
  • if you manually enter numeric parameter value, you should click somewhere on plugin background instead of pressing “enter” key.

PS. I want to give more tests for this version, then release it!


Limiter №6 1.0.2 and Molot 0.3.1 new versions preview (Windows only)


What’s new? Stereo-linking in peak limiter module now works OK (check this out! it sounds pretty good). Also modes I-III in peak limiter module were slightly changed. Less CPU intensive GUI animation. Numeric parameter values are editable.


What’s new? New output limiter based on Limiter №6. Numeric parameter values are editable. A lot of bug fixes.

I’m making AU and Mac ports for these versions. They’re expected very soon!

PS. Also I’m trying to write small notes about development process on my Twitter. Nothing serious but you can check: