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Proximity denormalization problems

I did some mixes with Proximity plugin and I think it’s just amazing! 🙂 If you want to add something to track but don’t know what, just add Proximity!

Also I found a couple of denormalization bugs (see my previous post). I fixed it for Windows version, you can just re-download it (link was not changed):


Also check official [Proximity plugin page].

EDIT: Mac version updated too. Thanks to Murray Campbell for reminder.


Check this screenshot of simple project with a lot of Proximity instances. You can see Proximity on bass drum, bass guitars, guitars double track, reverb channels, lead and backing vocals!

Simple project with multiple Proximity plugin instances

Molot denormalization problems: solved (and also Mac OS X 10.5 support)

Q: What  is denormalization?
A: In short, when the sound doesn’t play, the plugin starts to use  several times more CPU power. It’s related with processing of very small numbers very very close to zero (less than -600 dBFS).

Q: Molot 0.3 didn’t have such problems, so why they were added to version 0.3.1?
A: This bug is related with combination of new limiter code and auto-off feature.

Q: What is auto-off feature?
A: When there’s no input signal, the signal processing code is bypassed. If it happens, version string on GUI becomes gray.


Windows version is updated under the same download link:


EDIT: Mac version is updated too (and also support for Mac OS X 10.5 restored):


PS. Reaper performance meter is a good tool to detect such problems!

Reaper performance meter window

And also thanks to Theo Niessink! EDIT: And Marc Abram too.

PPS. Also I found the same problem in Proximity plugin. Update shall come soon!