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Hmm, not bad Limiter No6 description video

(features also TLS Pocket Limiter)


Red Rock Sound C1-L1 official explanation (for Propellerhead Reason users only)

I’m getting dozens of e-mails asking me about Red Rock Sound C1-L1 Propellerhead Reason rack extension plug-in. I want to answer these questions here. 

1. I’m not related with Red Rock Sound and I don’t work for them. So I can’t make any statements about their pricing policy, the product quality, stability and customer’s support.

2. Red Rock Sound use Molot sound engine from my permission. Molot sound engine was given for fee and with terms of usage.

3. Molot sound engine given to Red Rock Sound was matched to version 0.3.1 of Molot compressor but lacks of linear phase oversampling.

4. The GUI of “C1-L1” is not a copy of Molot GUI but they both use the similar style of Soviet military equipment. Both authors are Russian guys and we both like such kind of look and feel, which is not prohibited. Also both plug-ins use the same voltmeter model for VU meter.

5. Authors from Red Rocks Sound are working on re-writing the manual, which was very similar to Molot one.

6. I didn’t have and don’t have plans to make Reason rack extension version of Molot plug-in. Also I don’t have plans to release commercial version of Molot.

Thus, Red Rock Sound C1-L1 is “based” on Molot compressor but is not the copy of it.

Some screenshots below:

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