Upcoming SlickEQ GE feature review

Herbert did very good post about it:


And nice animation from me showing EQ Japanese mode (very extreme), tilt filter and HPF/LPF modes.

[view animation]


5 responses to “Upcoming SlickEQ GE feature review

  1. abc 2014/06/06 at 00:41

    Yeah! Good news!

  2. Mark 2014/06/13 at 04:29

    I’m sure it’s a super plugin but if the AU version doesn’t work in Logic 8,9 or 10 or DP.
    I don’t think it’s quite ready for prime time with the Mac.

    • vladgsound 2014/06/13 at 12:37

      Any details? There weren’t complaints from testers about problems in SlickEQ with Logic yet.

      • Sergey 2014/12/12 at 15:01

        It crashes at validation in Logic X on Yosemite

      • vladgsound 2014/12/31 at 03:08

        Please open Terminal and enter this command:

        auvaltool -v aufx Td10 Tdrl


        auvaltool -v aufx Td11 Tdrl

        for SlickEQ GE

        Copy complete output to some file and send to us. It should contain validation problem description.

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