Nova-67P v1.0.3 update including new skin by Lesha

Nova-67p v.1.0.3:

  1. Added compressor bypass parameter
  2. Default preset now has stereo mode setting
  3. Fixed a couple of possible crashes due to race condition bugs
  4. New skin by Lesha

Nova67P v1.0.3 with skin by Lesha

Get updated version from <Nova-67P page>


BUG REPORT BUG REPORT. In v1.0.3 auto-gain indication (horizontal black line) doesn’t work. I’ll fix it.

17 responses to “Nova-67P v1.0.3 update including new skin by Lesha

  1. Jo 2014/08/30 at 02:52

    Now sub-menu works on MBP 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Ezequiel Morfi 2014/08/30 at 04:59


  3. Aurelian Marius 2014/08/30 at 08:51

    Hi, thank you !! I`m from Romania, i will try this vst . Aurelian Marius (Gik)

  4. sergey hadukin 2014/08/31 at 15:42

    Thanks a lot for renoise/osx fixes. This gem is brilliant. Thank you a lot Vlad!

    • vladgsound 2014/08/31 at 17:24

      You know, I played with demo songs in Renoise a bit. I removed all Renoise processing on master channel (including soft saturation and DC remover), added Limiter No6 with Master_2 preset, changed output to “ISP Precise”, then added Nova before the limiter with “mastering example” preset and it sounded just great with Renoise demo songs!

  5. ioan 2014/09/03 at 09:47

    crashing ableton 9 on a macbook pro OS X 10.9.3 on a constant basis after a bit of tweaking i went back to previous version and al fine and stable for know.
    This has become my go to EQ for my master bus

  6. Jo 2014/09/04 at 12:29

    Thanks for this plugin, so great..!

    My report : I also experienced crashes on OS X.9.1 w/ Logic 9.1.7 while trying to re-open Nova 1.0.3 in order to re-edit the eq

    Any clue?

  7. Mikhail 2014/09/10 at 17:28

    It is unclear working in the program “EnergyXT” (mode mono/stereo). Please check!

  8. Vitaly Zolotarev 2014/09/24 at 06:00

    Это всё конечно хорошо, но куда вам можно перечислить денежку в качестве поддержки?

  9. stellar plugins! 2014/10/17 at 15:26

    I really enjoy this one AND the rest of your plugins. ESPECIALLY Limiter6. Throw it on a mix using multiband setting and the mix gels together amazingly.

    Are there any plans to port them to Linux? If not, would porting it be more interesting if we set up donations?

  10. Derek Vincent 2014/10/31 at 02:03

    Will there be a inverse mode???

    Thanks Derek.

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