Nice video about Ultrasonic plugin

Do you remember Ultrasonic plugin?


Check this nice video:


2 responses to “Nice video about Ultrasonic plugin

  1. Ezequiel Morfi 2016/02/22 at 07:51

    This video is actually very good but can be confusing to some. The user is putting the Ultrasonic filter twice in the Master Fader, right before and after the non-linear process (the Decapitator, that is). First instance of the plug-ins makes sense, as it makes the 24 khz go away and avoid the IMD that would be caused by the Soundtoys plug-in. But afterwards, the second Ultrasonic filter just takes away all the harmonics purposely generated by the non-linear process (basically undoing the saturation plug-ins action) – that’s clearly a mistake on the user’s part.

    Or Vladg, am I wrong?

  2. Omer 2016/05/10 at 04:27

    Are there such problems with IMD when working on 44.1Khz.

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