"Molot" and "Limiter №6" plugins page (and Tokyo Dawn Labs stuff too)

Interesting blog I found today

I had a lot of fun reading this: http://www.chrisgala.org/

With articles like these:

Mix Trick #1: Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Guitar
Mix Trick #2: Exciting Drum Room
Mix Trick #3: Bonham Drum Sound
Mix Trick #4: Snare Ghost Echo
Mix Trick #5: Vocal Double Clarity 

and so on. Check it out!

PS. Also SlickEQ M (mastering edition) plugin is almost ready. And also we’re preparing reissue of Limiter6 (with AAX support, variable modules order and few new features). Stay tuned!

SlickEQ M (coming soon)

5 responses to “Interesting blog I found today

  1. John Garden 2016/04/20 at 00:31

    Look forward to any update to Limiter No6, it’s my favourite limiter by far.

  2. VST 2016/04/20 at 12:06

    Limiter No6 forever! 🙂

  3. Ol Ger 2016/04/20 at 13:32

    definitely cool.

  4. Jimi Hellinga (@elektrovolt) 2016/05/28 at 17:23

    Limiter no6 in AAX format? great news!

  5. Trent Samuel Miller 2016/09/30 at 23:09

    Limiter No6 updated is amazing news!!! Do you have a timeframe on the release?

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