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Early development version of clipper plugin output stage


When working on new clipper plugin I suddenly found that oversampling can’t avoid intersample clips in all cases. Oversampling can reduce possibility of them but not completely avoid. See cooly picture (top samples are exactly 0 dB but the real signal is far above):

The idea is first to calculate real peak value using oversampled peak meter and next apply gain reduction not for single sample but for some window around it.

I’ve implemented both oversampled peak meter and window function-based gain reduction stage in this softclipper test plugin:

[Serp 2 Clipper Win 32 64 VST version]

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New very early development version of clipper plugin

I’m glad to introduce early development version of new clipper plugin!

The main question: is it good enough to make GUI and release it or it’s too raw? In latter case I’ll continue development.

[Serp Clipper Win 32 VST version]

[Serp Clipper Win 64 VST version]

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The good clipper and the bad one

I’m checking ideas for the new clipper now. Here’s some pictures.

First, check the difference in harmonics between good clipper and bad one. The input signal is 1 kHz sin wave and the processing is -6 dB hard clip.

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