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Hmm, not bad Limiter No6 description video

(features also TLS Pocket Limiter)


I’m writing the manual for upcoming limiter plugin

The final plugin name is… “Limiter №6”!

“There are five of them in all here. Only one is of the upper class, the rest are all artisans.”

Ward No. 6
By Anton Chekhov

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Beta version shall come soon!

And stylish little brother (or sister?):

See you soon!

Limiter6 GUI design is 99% ready. The last step is to program it!


As I promised there will be 2 GUI versions for limiter plugin. I’ve spent some time to find good color scheme for “simple” GUI version. The idea was not to copy color scheme of some known plugins that I like but to implement something different. After a couple of cups of tea with reishi mushroom I’ve got the next concept:


And after next sessions I’ve completed the “simple” GUI draft:

Now I’m starting to program these GUIs for beta version!

See you soon.

Limiter6 beta is not ready yet.

Hi all! I’m really overloaded and I have not enough free time to complete Limiter6 beta.

First, I want to post some “fan-art” stuff for alpha version.

1. Blue skin by Ade Emsley. Use it with alpha version if you like it.

[Limiter6 alpha with blue theme (Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions)]

[Limiter6 alpha with blue theme (Mac OS X 32-bit version)]

(NOTE: Mac OS X version has small bug. If you change “Dry Mix” parameter with mouse wheel it’s OK. But it you change it with mouse drag the shown parameter value is not updated.)

2. Cleaned up Limiter6 manual by Paul Schwartz

[Limiter6 manual]

3. I almost completed photo-realistic version of GUI. There’re some draft screenshots:

And this is something original. Japanese GUI translation! Thanks to Ryoma Nishiyama.

Also some working moments:

You can also check this: http://vimeo.com/42123234

Sorry for a long waiting but I try to complete it as soon as possible. See you soon!

New limiter plugin (codename “Limiter6”) public alpha release! Oh yeah!

I’m glad to introduce public alpha version of new limiter plugin (codename “Limiter6”)!

This plugin is unique combination of slow RMS-compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, oversampled clipper and inter-sample limiter. The idea of this combination is “gain staging” when each stage used a little to make a most clean sound.

This is not a plugin with 1 knob and smart brain inside, which allow making your mix 0 dB RMS. All settings are manual and there’re a lot of knobs.

The GUI is a draft yet and will be redrawn to photorealistic military style.

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New limiter plugin public alpha version is almost ready

Today I did version for Mac OS X. Only couple of bugs left to fix. So the public alpha version soon will be available!

Check this screenshot ^^

Molot plus new limiter plugin

I’m continuing my experiments with new plugin to prepare public alpha version. You can check my test of using it on master.

This is my old work for Sound on Sound “Flags” remix competition. Just mixdown. No mastering processing. “Molot” was the only type of compressor used for this mix. 


(as usual I recommend you do not press “play” and listen soundcloud’s encoded mp3 but download wave file by pressing “arrow down” button)

And this is my try to use new limiter plugin on master.


This is the screenshot of settings (public alpha will come soon and you’ll be able to try it).

And also Sound on Sound’s Mike Senior version of remix just for kicks.


Check also this:


And a note about last freeware compressors released. I like these compressors very much:



Thumbs up!

Molot vs. new plugin

I’m experimenting with usage of new plugin as dynamics processor effect in mixing to try to make presets and to find its weakest points.  A year ago I tried to use only Molot in test mixes and now I try to use the new plugin.

It is an interesting test. To compare the character of new plugin with Molot I used both of them for 8 track drum record which is the part of the mix I was experimenting with.

NOTE: These are soundcloud links but don’t press “play” button because due to mp3 soundcloud’s encoder they contain a lot of encoding artifacts. Just download these records (as 32-bit waves ~70 Mbytes each, press “arrow down” button to do it) and then listen to them.

#1. Molot compressor. Presets “kick”, “snare”, “overheads”, “room”, “DRUM BUSS”, “Master BUSS” were used. The sound is… aggressive and hammering! 🙂


#2. New plugin was used for kick, snare, room tracks and drum and master busses. The sound is… For me it’s very soft, wide and with a lot of depth.


#3. Molot plus new plugin. Molot plugin was used for kick, snare, overheads and room tracks. New plugin was used for drum and master busses. For me these plugins are like the best friends 🙂


Also the screenshot of settings that were used:

Draft GUI in progress. Part 2.

The latest version for arrangement of controls is on the picture. The concept called “big indicators” 🙂

The signal chain is: RMS compressor -> Peak limiter -> HF limiter -> Clipper -> True peak limiter

The plan is:

  1. Prepare public alpha version of limiter plugin. This version will have draft GUI but all functionality included and working.
  2. Prepare next release of Molot compressor.
  3. Take a break and make photorealistic GUI for limiter plugin.

Good luck!