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Proximity denormalization problems

I did some mixes with Proximity plugin and I think it’s just amazing! 🙂 If you want to add something to track but don’t know what, just add Proximity!

Also I found a couple of denormalization bugs (see my previous post). I fixed it for Windows version, you can just re-download it (link was not changed):


Also check official [Proximity plugin page].

EDIT: Mac version updated too. Thanks to Murray Campbell for reminder.


Check this screenshot of simple project with a lot of Proximity instances. You can see Proximity on bass drum, bass guitars, guitars double track, reverb channels, lead and backing vocals!

Simple project with multiple Proximity plugin instances

Tokyo Dawn Labs Proximity and KVR DC12

Yeah, we finally got KVR DC12 results! Proximity is 2nd for Windows and the 1st for Mac, oh yeah!


  1. Congratulations to VoS ThrillseekerXTC!
  2. Congratulations to Tokyo Dawn Labs Proximity (and me as the half of the project)
  3. Congratulations to g200kg Kamioooka!


And also for all who voted, THANK YOU! Because your votes was the best motivation for all developers.

And my personal conclusions. 1. Herbert is invincible. We both have more than 2 times less votes that he has 🙂 2. Youtube videos are very good for promotion, BTW.

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Proximity: adding the depth to electronic music [the last video before the end of DC12]

The goal of this video is to show how to use “Proximity” plugin in electronic music.


Proximity is KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2012 entry. Voting ends 5th of December. Download! Register! Vote! Your votes are very important to all developers!


The track used in this video is “Juggernaut” by Rusty K.

PS. This video also features Molot compressor in side-chained mode and Limiter №6.

Proximity: modules and operational modes [new video!]



PS. I can confirm the bug with plugin crash on ctrl + click (or cmd + click on Mac). It occurs in GUI#1 when you use ctrl + click on control label (but not on control itself). Patched version soon will be available.


“Proximity” v1.0.1 update and Logic 9 issues

“Proximity” plugin was updated to version 1.0.1:

 – denormalization bugs were fixed to solve occasional high CPU usage problems;
 – GUI#2 editable label color was fixed in Mac version.

You can download updated version from KVR DC12 page:


There was some reports about problems with “Proximity” AU version and Logic 9. At the same time a lot of users report that the plugin works on their Logic 9 without any problems. I can’t reproduce this problem yet. But seems reinstalling the plugin for some unknown reason can help.

 …it happened two times – exactly when opening the plug-in on track in Logic
(v 9.1.8 64bit…)
but for now I can’t recreate this
…I don’t know what to say
everything works just fine.

Zyzygis :
I downloaded again and reinstalled and it works! I deleted logic’s .prefs file first as I find it sometimes helps in these cases, so I don’t know if that was what did the trick. (…)

I’m really sad about these problems but we’ll try to fix them. Because upcoming AU versions of our plugins will use the same code. Yes, this plugin had lack of testing on Logic due to competition preparation tight schedule.

PS. I want to prepare one more video about this plugin in a few days!