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[“Molot”: the compressor with character]


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  1. Felix 2011/01/17 at 20:04

    Thank you for wonderful compressor! How about implementing another input channel for external sidechaining?

    • vladgsound 2011/01/18 at 01:07

      It’s easy to do but I have to decide what mode will be removed to be replaced by this new one. I never used M and S modes (between dual mono and M/S) but I don’t know which one should I remove 🙂

    • carl 2011/01/26 at 06:53

      Thanks for this- very nice. I’m getting real jumpy mouse movements using Sonar X1/ PC x64 though.

    • Jean-Jérôme 2014/12/01 at 16:32

      I would like to thank you for this awesome compressor you did! I’ve compared it than some expensive commercial plugs and yours is fabulous…

    • willem moller 2018/04/20 at 18:49

      I love your compressor too! One thing baffles me though – what does the sigma/alpha switch do?

  2. ben logan 2011/01/18 at 01:02

    What a beautiful looking GUI. Thanks for the fun. Downloading, and looking forward to trying it out. 🙂

  3. Alex 2011/01/18 at 04:32

    Thx for this good Plugin tested it shorty, but sounds really good. One thing i found everytime when i load a preset another preset gets away.

    • vladgsound 2011/01/18 at 12:37

      For example if you change preset X and load preset Y preset X looses all changes. Did I understand clearly?

      • Alex 2011/02/12 at 22:59

        sorry the first time i wrote here it was very short and not clear what i wanna say sorry. now i try to say it better with my bad english. everytime i change X and load preset Y i don´t see the X preset name in the list. it still works but i don´t see the preset name in the list. and if i load 5 presets then i have 5 empty presets in my list the still work all but the names are gone and there stands nothing. i hope u unsterstand what i would say. thx.

      • vladgsound 2011/02/12 at 23:01

        Okay. What is your VST host? Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops? I’ll try to reproduce it and fix.

      • Alex 2011/02/13 at 14:57

        different but in the moment i use a older version of Fruity Loops

      • vladgsound 2011/02/14 at 03:08

        Okay, I’ll check this soon.

      • Alex 2011/02/20 at 00:51

        thx, but the other things work very well. thx again for that great plugin.

  4. acoustopia 2011/01/18 at 18:26

    I am impressed, really impressed. Your GUI is amazing… I have always loved the ruggedness of Russian military hardware, and the photo realism of the VU and chickenhead controls is so cool. Sound wise, I gave it a wind for a good few hours last night, against my other buss favourite – a UAD Neve 33609…and I was very surprised. I wouldn’t call it uber subtle, but it colours the sound in a way I really enjoy and in many instances, I thought I got it to sound at least as good as the 33609, and in some instances beguilingly close to an 1176 thwack.
    If this is your first release, in my humble opinion, you can stand tall with the likes of Bootsy and a select few other freeware developers. I am not a dsp know-it-all, but I’ve done this stuff long enough to know something good when I hear it. This kills a lot of commercial plug ins I have paid good money for…
    May this be the first of many (Russian military?!) themed plug-ins.
    Sincere thanks and congratulations from sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

    • vladgsound 2011/01/18 at 18:36

      Thanks a lot! It’s snowy and cold winter behind my window now 🙂

    • Gearoid 2011/02/15 at 22:53

      I agree with all the positive comments regarding Molot; it sounds (to me) as good as it looks and seems to have no aliasing or other interface problems. I find it hard to believe Molot is this developer’s first plugin offer! As good as any of the UAD plugins I have, but without the latency issues.

      Many thanks indeed!


      • vladgsound 2011/02/16 at 01:05

        Thanks a lot too! This is really my first _public_ pluign. I think if plugin sounds bad (and I hear it) it’s not neccessary to make it public 🙂

    • keiyh p miller 2014/01/14 at 13:14

      Well said and total truth This is as good a tool as I have ever seen in V.S.T. anything. It is used in my D.A.W. post ( Metric Halo Mio Console an 80 bit mix engine D.S.P. ) only because it never lets me down. And I also love the wet dry control and the tone shapeing ability. It is a masterfull offering. I love it K.P. Miller

  5. Bob 2011/01/19 at 04:20

    Hi Vladislav,

    As a UAD Fairchild owner and Density MKII user, i have to say that Molot is realy well up with these upper class Plugins. And yes, in sigma-mode Molot realy has this special kind of snap and transient accentuation that i heard from Neve 33609 buss compressor. In Alpha-mode its very close to UAD Fairchild. But it would be perfect to have an Input Control on it, because some signals (especialy self recorded ones) are not loud enough to pass the threshold in the intended way. I know its hard to find an empty place for it on the GUI, so maybe you can create a smaller knob for the sidechain filter and put it above the meter and put in the Input Control instead. But as an initial release Molot still is surprisinlgy good. Its the new best free Fairchild emulation !!! Thank you so much !

    What about the english terms for “hard” and “Soft” knee and “mid” and “Side” ??? Will they be translated in future ?

  6. Nico Duda 2011/01/19 at 21:45

    Wow, one of the best sounding Compressors for free! Good work! 100% my Taste….

  7. princeperry 2011/01/20 at 06:00

    Great work! Very cool sounding (and looking) plug. Sounded great on a whole bunch of things – very unique sound. What is the difference between alpha and sigma, BTW?
    Just wanted to give you some feedback:
    I agree with Bob on the input. This is just my opinion, but I would lose the midscoop altogether, and replace it with the input (I suppose you would want to shuffle the layout around at this point). I say this because while the midscoop is a good idea, I would look to a dedicated EQ to do this for me. Separate EQ also provides me more control of freq, Q, gain, etc. I like compressors to compress, and EQ’s to EQ (unless its a good-sounding channel strip design).
    But again, amazing work on a great-sounding plug! Looking forward to more of your designs, Vladislav.

    • Bob 2011/01/20 at 21:08

      No, sorry, Please dont touch the Mid Scoop EQ ! Its magic and uncomparable to any other EQ ! It realy solve Guitar frequency problems and pushes snares ! THE SCOOP EQ MUST REMAIN ! 😉 Make the Sidechain Filter, the Knee, the Dry Mix and the Oversampling a bit smaller, and there will be enough place for the Input ! A bit more variety among the knobs will make the GUI more interesting anyway.

      • Bob 2011/01/21 at 00:56

        here is another opinion from the Reaper-Forum: “… that mid-scoop is awesome. I got a really muddy distorted guitar track to fall right into place without any other EQ, just by using the mid-scoop. It has a nice clean sound to it.”

      • princeperry 2011/01/21 at 01:22

        I’m getting the feeling you like the midscoop! 😉
        I’m not saying pulling out mids won’t clean up a particular sound. My only point is guitars may need different freqs pulled down than, to use your example, the snare. If you use this plug on a lot of channels your mix is going to be shy in that one particular freq this midscoop is set at. Maybe that’s good, maybe not. Personally, I don’t like to mix that way, but I can see how this midscoop could be great as a quick fix. By all means if people find it useful then who am I to say otherwise? 😉

    • Bob 2011/01/21 at 01:39

      O.k., what about this compromise? : He can take the Mid Scoop knob out, if he brings out an extra parametric EQ-plugin on the basic of the mid-scoop algorithms. I think thats the best way !

      • princeperry 2011/01/21 at 01:45

        You’re suggesting Vladislav should lose the midscoop and release a parametric EQ instead? That’s a great idea, Bob! And another cool USSR military GUI for us to have in the rack! 😉

    • Bob 2011/01/21 at 03:25

      Oh, i am shure one of his friends still has an old USSR ECG in his garage. 😉

  8. Gearoid 2011/01/20 at 13:00

    Very clearly laid and easy to read out controls – looking forward to trying this plugin.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  9. Ivan S-C 2011/01/20 at 14:13

    Excellent! Thank you for raising the bar on free VST`s!

  10. Bob 2011/01/21 at 03:46

    Wow ! Thanx for the fast Update with the last translations. By the way: There have been some misunderstandings about the CPU-Consumption, which is actually not so high, but there still are people not knowing, what Oversampling is, and they got scared ! So you better set Oversampling to 1x or 2x by Default in every Preset. As for most people its still hard to accept a soviet plugin anyway, this maybe could reduce their fear a bit! 😉

  11. diegorengifo 2011/01/26 at 20:59

    I was testing Molot last night. It sounds very good to me. Maybe I noticed a CPU hungry in the 4X and 8X modes. Why does this happen?

    • vladgsound 2011/01/27 at 01:05

      For example if your project has 44.1 kHz sample rate with 4x oversampling the plugin increases internal sample rate up to 176.4 kHz and has 4 times more data to process.

  12. muzzika78 2011/01/30 at 22:44

    Hi Vladislav!
    U are great DSP programmer and your plugin too. I think better than other famous plugins!
    Can I have a question? Do you have any other plugin? Like a EQ or Saturator or Limiter etc…?
    I hope so will be!
    A neighbor:
    Steve from Hungary

    Спасибо 🙂

  13. Alteregoxxx 2011/01/31 at 00:13

    Great great sounding compressor!! thanks thanks Vladgsound!!
    however hope you don’t offend if i say to you the integrated limiter is miles away from the quality of the compressor, clearly inferior distorts pretty easily; this is even more strange because it’s a soft limiter…it doesn’t stop the peaks (and this is normal for a soft limiter, i know) but at the same time distorts like an hard clipper: as is, it takes the worst of both worlds. A soft limiter is useful only if it sounds so “warm” and natural that you can forgive it the inability to catch fast transients.
    Hope you’ll surprise us soon with an awesome updated soft limiter.
    Greetings from Italy!

    • vladgsound 2011/01/31 at 03:47

      Thanks a lot! I agree with you that limiter doesn’t limit exactly to the threshold given and sounds more like a clipper 🙂
      This is the thing that should be enhanced!

      • Bob 2011/01/31 at 23:34

        the limiter may not act “limiting” in the way, most people would expect. I realized it in the sense of “a last round off for transients”, even if the compressor itselfs shapes round a lot in alpha mode. This “limiter” is very usefull if you wish to be the sigma mode just a little bit more pleasant but still punchy. So maybe we just talk about a misnaming of a special process stage. Call it a “Shaper” and everything is fine. Or … yes, or you realy make it to act as a simple brickwall limiter. But this would be the first simple and common thing in this plug then. what a pity …

  14. dubocalypse 2011/02/06 at 23:58

    Hi Vladislav,

    this is really one of the best software compressors I have ever used – and I own quiet a lot of different commercial ones. In my opinion it is better than every single compressor offered by a big (and expensive) company from Israel. Quickly molog has become my go-to-compressor for drums & bass. It is clean enough to be used on busses and still has a very great and unique character.
    For mastering purposes I would use another one, since molog’s frequency response is not linear, at least in oversampling modes. (But I haven’t tried the last update yet!)
    Thanks a lot for your work! Go on! I am looking forward to further developments of molog and hope to see more plugins from you! There are very few very outstanding freeware developers for vst-plugs: bootsy, pylorca and now: YOU!

    • vladgsound 2011/02/07 at 02:08

      Thanks a lot! You’re right this compressor is not well suited for mastering but for drums and bass it rocks! And I suppose this is not my last plugin 🙂

  15. acoustopia 2011/02/08 at 20:12

    I’m still having a great time with Molot! When I get a moment I will upload the results of Molot vs UAD Neve 33609 so we can all hear just how close you can get with some judicius tweaking. In the meantime, to satisfy the desires of those who can’t wait for an input gain stage, I have been putting phoenixinflightaudio’s Thriller v1.3 eq (with gain stage and limiter) to great use as a front end for Molot…and yes, here’s how to get Simon Phillips’ drum sound out of EZ Drummer (Try it on the 85 bpm shuffle demo…) Yeah, freebies are really getting good these days. Inspiring stuff.
    Three weeks of tweaking later, and I am even more impressed than the day I first heard Molot. I love this compressor!
    Now, whose drum sound shall I nail today?
    Thankyou once again Vladislav 🙂

    • vladgsound 2011/02/08 at 21:25

      Molot vs UAD Neve 33609 cool! It’ll be interesting to hear 🙂 I don’t have UAD and never heard Neve 33609 🙂 Maybe if I had got them I didn’t start to write my own compressor 🙂

      • Alteregoxxx 2011/02/09 at 22:28

        oh…Molot, if can help, you can compare your great creation in alpha mode with IK multimedia Fairchild 670 (10 days fully functional demo downloadable) wich is considered by many an excellent 670 emulation…maybe it can help to refine your 670ish alpha mode…for me you have always nailed “that 670 flavour” and this is enough for me…i don’t think a “carboncopy” emulation is an essential thing but maybe this comparison can brings out new ideas and plugs from you 😀 (i hope !!)
        oh…for example always from IK, OPTO is a great great compressor, really unique in the plugs jungle…try for yourself…and actually in the “freeware market” there isn’t (imho) a good opto-compressor emulation…so an opto-compressor from a great developer like you could be a really really awesome idea :-DD
        Thanks and Greetings from Italy!

  16. Bob 2011/02/09 at 03:44

    I have a UAD-1 with Fairchild, 1176, LA2A next to some others plugins. And i intensively tried the Neve Comp over the entire full working demo-mode period and even could activate this demo a second time if i want. But there is no reason, neither to try it nor to buy it. Of course its not 100% the same, but Molot definitely plays in the same league. The main advantage of the Neve BusComp Sound is, that it keeps transients in a way normaly known from feedback-compressors like Marquis or API, but without any shaping. It gives the signal a kind of subtle but in itself agressive attack with all the original punch and highs. The SSL-BusComp e.g. is more a peak tamer ,thats why its also a good Master-Bus Compressor, while the Neve is better used on track-buses. Molots sigma mode is for people, who can not have enough from the Neve 33609 character. Here you realy should care about attack times, knee softness and the limiter, not to get OverNeved ! 😉 Since Molot, i cant stop to think about the money i could get for my UAD on ebay.

  17. LesPòlovic 2011/03/17 at 02:43

    First class compressor! I have been testing it along a full drums mixing session, and it’s fantastic. Incredible taste for Drums Bus. My favourite compressor, next to Cytomic The Glue… and the most incredible, it’s free… Vlad, what a great work…

    • vladgsound 2011/03/17 at 22:16

      Thanks a lot! Yes it sounds great on drums! Unfortunatelly it’s very weak on vocals and inappropriate as mastering one.

      • Solidtrax 2011/11/03 at 13:57

        In a mix I’m doing at the moment, it works great on the (female) lead vocal. I actually prefered Molot over Softube CL1b, a plugin many people believe is one of the best vocal compressor plugins out there. Greetings from Holland!

      • vladgsound 2011/11/03 at 21:19

        Excellent! I’m really surprised a lot of people speak the plugin sounds very good for vocals but it wasn’t intend to be 🙂

  18. Simon 2011/03/17 at 19:42

    It sounds so bruitiful. Thanks a lot.

  19. Dado 2011/03/18 at 22:50

    I hate to say it but this is everything my uad fairchild is and 4x more and I can’t stop using it, also I have recommended it to others and will keep doing it, thanks bro!

  20. luka 2011/04/03 at 22:01

    hey vlad absolutely awesome compressor !
    a real gem !

    thanks for your talent, time, generosity and talent .

    what can we expect from you now ? an eq ? other comp ? saturation ?

    all the best,

    cheers from france .

    • vladgsound 2011/04/03 at 22:32

      Thanks a lot! I’m working on ideas for the new plugin now.
      But I think it will not come so soon. Actually Molot came from ideas in may ’10 to release in january ’11. It’s really not easy to develop high quality plugins just for fun 🙂

  21. luka 2011/04/03 at 22:02

    ..and talent…sorry for the repetition above ! lol

  22. EMCEE EXORCIST 2011/04/16 at 23:15

    Link is to song on my SOUNDCLICK page.
    let me know what you think of it
    peace and blessing to you and your family

    • vladgsound 2011/04/17 at 00:36

      I usually use 2 instances of Molot on main vocal (preset vocal (ins.1) and then preset vocal (ins.2)).
      I think 1 instance doesn’t fit vocal to sit in mix well.

  23. febolix 2011/05/16 at 23:06

    sry but is it me or is it just not working with ableton live 8

  24. febolix 2011/05/17 at 01:25

    thx for quick response mac os x (10.5.8)

    • vladgsound 2011/05/17 at 02:48

      I’ll try to check it soon.

      • febolix 2011/06/02 at 15:45

        anything new about your check

      • vladgsound 2011/06/03 at 03:28

        Hi! I tried to reproduce this but it works fine for me. I used demo of Ableton live 8.

        I think the problem is not in DAW. Some people response me they have problems with different DAWs but when I tried to reproduce it worked fine for me. I think maybe problem is in versions of some libraries used by plugin. I have idea to recompile plugin with static libraries and maybe this can solve this problem. As soon as I’ll have free time I’ll try to recompile plugin and I’ll mail you.

  25. Omer T 2011/05/19 at 19:06

    Hey man, great plugin I love it.
    I have a feature suggestion. An option to upsample 8x when rendering would be great.

    • vladgsound 2011/05/19 at 21:44

      Thank you!

      About this feature I have a problem. Current version of Molot sounds a bit different in different oversampling modes (different frequency responses) so it could be very annoying when your project sounds the other way after render. I think I should fix this first and only then add max oversampling on render option.

      • Omer T. 2011/05/20 at 18:10

        That is very fair to say, and if you can fix it thats great! It only adds more to whats already an awesome piece of software. You are right, it is annoying, for instance when rendering out of FL Studio, my tracks sound noticeably different and often I have to make mix adjustments after. The problem with that is when making adjustments, it sounds different again!

        Thank you for your hard work.

  26. Chris 'Von Pimpenstein' Carter 2011/06/11 at 22:49

    Vladg, I just used the Molot compressor for the first time on a mix. This thing is incredible and had EXACTLY the sound I was looking for. Wonderful. And this is coming from a guy with a couple #1 records under his belt. Good job.

    P.S., as you update this plugin, if you make any changes that affect the sound (in other words, anything other than a “bug fix”), please give it a separate identifier (or whatever it’s called) so that we can install it in ADDITION to the previous version (as opposed to replacing it). That way us pros won’t have any suprises if a client asks for a recall six months down the road and all of a sudden the plugin sounds different.

    • vladgsound 2011/06/12 at 00:33

      Hi Chris! Nice to hear you like it!

      Okay, I’ll change plugin ID in next version because I already did some changes in sound but didn’t release new version yet. 🙂

  27. Adrian 2011/06/23 at 12:48

    THANK YOU …keep doing what u do …kind regards, Adrian.

  28. lingleaudio 2011/07/13 at 23:35

    This is a great sounding compressor it provides a smooth fat sound without the pumping sound you here from others. I use this for vocals on spoken word productions. Thanks for designing such a awesome sounding plug in

  29. stevee 2011/07/19 at 21:26

    Nice compressor man! cant believe its free, nice and tight on drums sounds amazing.

  30. Geir 2011/07/25 at 12:19

    Thanks for your excellent plugin! It’s going to be in my top3 list 🙂
    How about a manual?
    – What is the idea behind sigma/alpha knob?
    – Is the scoop eq just a fixed eq, or is it connected with the compressor in any way?
    – Saturation: Is it fixed or dynamic?
    – Dithering low/high: What’s the difference?
    – Filter: Is it for the sidechain only?

    Thanks again!

    • vladgsound 2011/07/25 at 13:24

      Thanks! Okay I’ll write manual sooner or later 🙂
      – Technically this knob affects attack curve: sigmoid or exponential. People say sigma mode sounds like Neve 33609 compressor. Sigma mode has slow attack start and allow initial transient pass through. For drums it has cool hammering effect. Also sigma mode has less digital artifacts and has cleaner sound. In general sigma mode allows the compressor not to reduce dymanic range but work more like transient shaper. Alpha mode works like a lot of compressors do.
      – EQ is independed from compressor but if you use “dry mix” it affects compressed and clean signals with different curves.
      – Saturation is fixed.
      – Technically high dithering is 20 bit and low dithering is 24 bit. High dithering adds “air” to sound and feel of analog gear. I like it but in some cases this is not desirable.
      – Filter is for sidechain only.

  31. ofie 2011/09/15 at 11:57

    great job. i was reading all the reviews and decided to try it for myself. this russian is no joke. now my go to for drum buss and leadvox. please make time for moree plugins. blessings. from holland

  32. Ashley Smith 2011/09/23 at 20:55

    It sounds great!! There is an issue whereby one can’t move the controls if you wrap the Mac VST to RTAS using FXpansion’s wrapper. The GUI parameters are unresponsive. To see a change you have to close the GUI and reopen it. Please could you kindly take a look and try to fix it. Thanks.

  33. beatbude 2011/11/24 at 23:10

    Keep up the good work!

  34. der Kubaner 2011/12/01 at 17:40

    Hallo grettings and congratulations.

    A question is only in mono that plug-in…?

  35. gstautmeister 2012/01/20 at 14:57

    Hi! Really love this plugin!
    Just a thought on the attack/release – I was thinking it would be nice to get finer control when setting the values.. like allowing typing in an exact value?

  36. gstautmeister 2012/01/20 at 15:04

    Hi! Really love this plugin..
    Just a thought on the controls. I’d like to be able to get finer control when setting values. May be something like holding shift and a numeric overlay showing the exact value you are setting?

    • vladgsound 2012/01/20 at 15:07

      > May be something like holding shift and a numeric overlay showing the exact value you are setting?
      Good idea. I’ll think about it.

  37. gstautmeister 2012/01/20 at 15:18

    Sorry for the double post.. the connection was playing up. Thanks for the quick response! and well done on creating such a good compressor 🙂

  38. Yc3 2012/03/06 at 07:18

    thx for this great compressor!! Keep up the good work!

  39. modulo2008 2012/04/04 at 20:26

    I got new ver 0.3 MAC OS ver & I check file version with info.
    It written as “0.2”.

    Is this real update version?
    Let me know.

    thx for great plugin!

  40. Ville Karaksela 2012/05/05 at 18:00

    Hi Vladg!
    I have to admit that I have a tiny request, but before that, thanks a lot for your work on Molot. It has become my favourite compressor. Sure it’s not for everything, but the way it shapes attacks is great! And btw, I also have found it just right for vocals in situations, where you want to hear the compression. Love how it bites! 🙂
    And my tiny request is exactly about attack. You see, I’ve been experimenting with studiounits (a vst to host others and combine them) building a 4-band compressor with molot on each band. (Have to say, if you need extra punchy drums for example, it’s great. You can also go crazy with the attacks so that it sounds totally different, but cool! 🙂 ).
    This tiny problem I encountered is that you have labeled both the “alpha/sigma” switch and “attack” knob as attack.
    Did you get that? 🙂
    Studiounits doesn’t understand that and for some reason can only control the “alpha/sigma” switch. I know this request is a bit special but could you label thees parameters so that they had different names? Also, Cubase understood it, but I’m not sure of other hosts. And even in Cubase if you wanted to automate one of the two parameters, you do have a weird moment when you see that there are two attacks in the list of parameters.
    Phew, seems like I can’t write very shortly.. 🙂

    Neighbour from Finland

    • vladgsound 2012/05/06 at 14:09

      Thanks to mention it! Now “attack mode” and “attack” parameters have different names. I fixed Windows versions (32 & 64 bit, 4-channel, 2-channel and “no gui”). I’ll fix Mac version soon. You can find the latest version under the same download links.

  41. jazznfunk 2012/06/27 at 15:45

    Molot is unbelievable good! So soft and inaudible, gentle compression! спасибо! 🙂

  42. Wouter 2012/06/28 at 13:22

    For some reason Molot is not recognised by Reaper (4.22) on a Macbook OS X (10.5.8). Your other plugin, Limiter6, is not recognised neighter. I tried it in a 32bit and a 64bit version of Reaper. I copied the vsts to the proper locations and did a ‘clear cache and rescan’ in Reaper. It just won’t show up. Any advise is welcome as I would love to try these plugin out!

    Thanks in advance.

  43. Dob 2012/07/09 at 20:48

    Thank you for your hard work! After using Limiter6 I thought if it would it be possible/easy to implement longer release times in Molot. Maybe in the inside menu as an option?
    thanks again for a great tool!

  44. Ben 2012/07/22 at 13:21

    It would be great to see a simple gui for molot lite with a “listen” button for the sidechain too.

  45. neon 2012/09/07 at 22:55

    just a small suggestion, a gui n2 like the one for limiter6, i think molot would work ok with more flat knobs. thanks.

  46. Ganax 2012/09/08 at 03:40

    Hello Vlad
    Your molot plug in is unbelievably good, it matches the comparaison with the Fairchild plug in from UAD with a more flexible attack and release time. Well done!
    Netherless when I used it with Novation Nocturn midi control surface (automap software) http://global.novationmusic.com/software/automap) it makes cubase to crash… That ‘s really too bad! May be you can fix it in the next update

    • vladgsound 2012/09/08 at 15:45

      Thanks a lot for the information! I’m preparing new version of Molot compressor and I’ll try to check it with some MIDI surface. Maybe it can shed a light on your problem.

    • vladgsound 2012/09/08 at 16:39

      By the way, can you check this with GUI-less version of Molot? You can find it on downloads page.

      • de Ganay 2012/09/09 at 11:27

        Hello Vlad
        Finally I spoted the parameters with novation automap that causes troubles:
        -unsample mode swiching fromp easy to normal cause the plug and cubase to crash (molot suddenly turned off and after turned a while turned on again )
        -When the upsamble mode is set to normal, changing the upsampling rate also causes crashes
        I hope it will help

      • vladgsound 2012/09/09 at 15:13

        Thanks again! Can you check alpha version of Molot 0.3.1? That’s the link:
        I think I fixed this bug.

  47. de Ganay 2012/09/09 at 20:37

    You did it!
    Now it’s fully functionnal so far.
    So may be, as a suugestion, you can justa dd an output level that give more than 12db or an variable input level and also others attack mode in order to emulate other device and a tube sat knob, but so far it is really good
    Thanks a lot

  48. Cracka_E 2012/10/15 at 01:36

    FL Studio Patcher (effects chain plugin) doesn’t recognize it and can’t be used in it… anybody knows what causes this particular error? I’d love to have it in my effects chain!

  49. Daniel 2012/11/28 at 20:31

    Can you bring up the Attack and Release Times in one of the next 2ch-Versions? I would love to use more than one second release time for sidechaining my interview films with background music in Premiere Pro

  50. cboyer1951 2013/01/10 at 07:37

    Absolutely magic compressor!! More than professional. Keep up the great work on Molot!

  51. Ritwik De 2013/01/13 at 21:44

    Is there a component file needed for its installation
    None of the plugins (after installing the vst) are opening on Logic 8

  52. Novikthewise 2013/01/14 at 16:41

    Well i have to say that Molot is easily the best freeware compressor available. I would go even further to say that it rivales the best commercial Comps as well. Same goes for the limiter6. The interface is overwhelming at first but once you grasp the concept i never got any better and more transparent results out of a limiter than Limiter6

  53. dddux 2013/01/30 at 13:00

    Thank you so much for providing a GUIless version, too, Vlad. It’s very much appreciated. Some of us like to listen to the sound while we tweak the compressor or limiter, instead of looking at nice, colourful pictures. 😉 I would actually like to encourage more developers to provide us with “bare” plugins like that. You’re the only one that made that wonderful gesture, as far as I know. I mean, how hard could it be to compile a plugin without the GUI? 😉 Thank you!

    • vladgsound 2013/01/30 at 14:19

      Thanks! Most of the people like attractive GUIs but it really doesn’t change the sound! Also, if you’re not tired, it’s better to adjust settings by ear but not by watching indicators. So your point of view is very respectful! When I develop plugins I try always use my ears to make decisions (and often close my eyes during that), so development versions are always GUI-less. And GUI-less version is just development version. No problems to build such one!

  54. Bent6 2013/02/16 at 21:45


    I have been testing the Molot compressor for about a year. Thrilled to see the version with a GUI now, as my only issue with it was the lack of metering, particularly gain reduction. It has become a go-to compressor for me for buss compression, particularly on drums and guitars, but works well on just about every source I’ve tried. It may not always be the color I want, but when it is, it is fabulous!

    Thanks! And by the way, just discovered the Limiter No. 6 plugin as well. In preliminary tests I really am enjoying it as well!



  55. Rafal 2013/03/04 at 16:31

    Thank You very much for Molot plugin! I’m waiting for my custom made (by my friend, sound engineer/electronic) studio monitors (highest model, worth about 3000 US dollars) = very detailed sound. When it comes, will write You how Molot is working on it:) BTW I use it now on my old speakers and headphones and Molot is brilliant!!!

  56. Adrian 2013/03/20 at 22:38

    Thanks a lot for this great plugins. Keep it up.

    Greetings from Belgium.

  57. Xarxastudis 2013/03/29 at 04:30

    Thank you very much for this plugin, you can port it to lv2 or lxvst (linux vst) the code is open? I work with Linux but have a vst not easy nor productive, lots of people I’d appreciate it, thanks!

  58. Mauritius 2013/05/25 at 20:10

    Molot is a very awesome Plugin. Thank you for your good work! Is it possibel to do a “Mastering” Version with two Molots side by side in one Plugin. One side for Right/Mid signal and the other Side for Left/Side signal with Link button and solo listening buttons for both sides. I know the plugin can be opend two times and switched on one to Mid and the other to Side, but I think a separate “Mastering” Version would be easier to use.

  59. Bob Humid 2013/10/25 at 12:04

    fantastic compressor! thank you for sharing this monster!

    my feature-requests for a MkII would be:

    1. non-linear saturation behaviour from jensen-transformers
    2. solo-listen the sidechain-signal
    3. host-dependant knob-moves (I am a circular guy)

    cheers from cologne and respex!

  60. Sharps 2013/10/26 at 11:41

    Hi Vlad
    Does Molot detect input signal level looking at peak, or RMS, or something else?
    – Thank you for creating these plugins!

  61. Joe 2013/12/12 at 01:59

    This compressor is seriously good. Reminds me of the 1176

  62. Mike O'Malley 2013/12/17 at 16:59

    This is a REALLY good compressor–thank you very much. I’d gladly pay you for it. Do you have a charity you’d like me to donate to?

    A dumb question though–using LogicX , Molot will only be available on the out buss. If I want to use it on an individual track, say foir example a bass track, I have to load it on the out buss, then drag it to the track I want to compress. Is this normal behavior? Can I change this?

  63. Stephen Kurpis 2014/01/15 at 13:37

    Found this compressor about a month ago and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using it. The only possibly suggestion I have would be to have some way of setting different parameters in M/S (akin to a Fairchild). Maybe an extra switch to choose between input channels?

    In the meantime I’ve been using two instances, but that is very processing taxing and is only really feasible once stems have been printed or the final 2TRK.

    Favorite part has been the chickenbeak knobs a la old Fender Tweed series amps.

  64. sokr 2014/01/30 at 14:39

    Hi vlad I mentioned this a while back… the limiter on the mac vst version doesn’t work flawlessly!!! – there is no difference between the pre and post settings. No matter how much I crank the Makeup the light and sound do not alter as i switch between pre and post. On the earlier version 0.2.168 the pre and post do work as expected.

    Hope this helps, and hope you can fix it for us.

    Thanks again for making such an amazing plugin.

  65. danielflam 2014/03/08 at 11:15

    Been using this for a while now on and off – but the computing power required is really much. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a CUDA or OpenCL versions that would offload the processing onto the GPU?

  66. alex 2014/03/10 at 16:33


    I read you said Molot was not good for vocals. I have to dis agree here. I mixed a song recently and for lead vox, I was sure I’d need some pre fx volume automation in order to make it possible for any compressor to do it”s job. Then I pulled Molot out. In 30 seconds I had it knocking off up to 10 or even more db with literary no artifacts (just adding its color that I love so much). So, I’ve been using Molot on everything (I couple of times I used it on 2 buss, too) for more then a year know and it’s still one of my favorite comps free or commercial. Tnx a lot for the great plugin.

    I would have a question about oversampling – the difference between Fast and HQ (I hear it, but would like to know the technical part). A short and simple answer would be plenty enough 🙂

    Tnx and cheers!

    • vladgsound 2014/03/10 at 18:52

      HQ has linear phase oversampling with very steep stop-band to cut all possible aliasing artifacts. Fast one has non-linear phase and very gentle stop-band so aliasing can pass through. I use Fast on tracks where a little dirt is allowed and “HQ” where pristine sound is desired.

  67. alex 2014/03/10 at 21:40

    Tnx for the quick answer. That’s actually what I thought (that HQ is what is usually found on compressors and Fast, well, something else :))

  68. mike merendino 2014/03/26 at 07:37

    hello I have downloaded the plugin but how do I open it,thanks Mike

    • dddux 2014/03/29 at 03:49

      You open it with an archiver program like 7-Zip or WinRAR and then you copy the Molot.dll file into your VST folder so your main audio program can see it and load it.

  69. mike merendino 2014/04/01 at 16:57

    ok ill try that thanks

  70. Jure Gabršček 2014/04/07 at 21:43

    hey, long time molot user here…great stuff.
    the only thing i’m still not sure about: if you have render set to 8x, does it matter where the upsampling knob is turned?

    • alex 2014/05/18 at 01:38

      Never tried – I always render what I hear, but, it shouldn’t matter, actually I’m sure it doesn’t – that function is invented to save cpu cycles while mixing.

  71. Funnyman 2014/05/18 at 04:20

    I can’t use Molot on mono tracks in Logic X (using version 0.3.1). Any advice as to how to do this?

  72. Sverrir Þór Magnússon 2014/06/08 at 00:20

    I´m on a Win7 X86, and i´m using Pro Tools 10.3.0 but can not get this great find, to work or even be visable in my DAW.

    Any and all help sorely needed and much appreciated.

  73. Sverrir Þór Magnússon 2014/06/08 at 13:16

    Thank you very much, but i might be over-worked or just slow; but the Blue Cat option did not work on my DAW.
    patience to explain this in layman’s term, step by step.

    If you have the time or patience to explain this in layman’s term, step by step.

    I thank you very much.

  74. Cranky 2014/06/16 at 01:49

    Excellent plug-in. When used at the end of my vocal chain it made my raucous rock vocals sound tight, professional and lively. None of the other plugins I’ve tried were able to do this. However, I have found that it causes my PC to crash (BSOD) when I attempt to record while Molot is active and ‘vocal (ins 1)’ preset is loaded. I found that this happens when the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 ASIO driver is active, because when I switch to WaveRT the problem does not occur. My DAW is Mixcraft 6.1

  75. CLS Media Music 2014/06/30 at 19:51

    One of the best compressors available. Thank you!

  76. mancalledclay 2014/09/17 at 11:33

    amazing compressor….it took but a minute to fall deeply in love with this thing. thank you vlad for your genius and generosity!!!

  77. anguspb12 2014/11/27 at 05:27

    Looks like a fantastic plug-in, I’m very interested in using it’s side-chain capabilities to speed up workflow in Premiere Pro. Unfortunately I am a Mac user and as of the latest manual it appears to me there is only a 32-bit version available for Mac, which prevents me from using the plugin on any Adobe CS product version ~ 5.0 and later. Will there be a 64-bit Mac version of the plug in on the horizon? Alternatively do you know of any other plug ins that support track on track side chain compression in Premiere CS6 and above?

    Many thanks!

    • vladgsound 2014/11/29 at 20:27

      The documentation is pretty old (it’s for version 0.2.168). The latest version is 0.3.1 and it includes 64-bit Mac AU/VST versions.

      • anguspb12 2014/12/01 at 06:50

        Fantastic, thank you for your quick response!

      • anguspb12 2015/01/07 at 02:43

        Hi vlag, I’ve managed to get Molot working on Premiere CC, very excited.

        I’ve read through the (pretty old) documentation and I’m struggling to assign ‘Track A’ output as the side chain input for Molot in it’s R.S.Chain mode on ‘Track B’. Essentially I am trying to get a standard ‘ducking’ effect between the two audio tracks, am I going about this the correct way? Is there any direction you can give me here?

        Many thanks

      • vladgsound 2015/01/07 at 02:48

        In that old video? You send your voice to the right track and the music to the left track and then select “R.S-Chain mode”. Now the music will be ducked by the voice (in mono). To make it in stereo use 2 instances of the compressor and some manipulations to route channels to right places 🙂

  78. Vlada 2015/02/26 at 15:59

    HI Vlad, Molot looks really cool, I’d like to try it but the only download line of AU version 0.2.2 for me (Logic 8, OS 10.5.8, PPC) is not active 😦 , what to do? Thanks. Vlada

  79. KP 2015/02/28 at 20:04

    Will Molot be ever released as AAX?

  80. Gordon 2015/03/03 at 23:18

    Trying to open this with OS X Yosemite….No Luck. Will this function with Yosemite?

  81. Carlos 2015/07/02 at 10:47

    hmm, I tryed to put on my old Cubase SX3 with my Vista and I do seem to have a problem with knowing witch “one” to put “where” !!! cause i dont find it in my plugins. I did follow the instructions.

  82. pinola 2015/10/23 at 19:47

    my favourite compy-compy. love it on kick. better than anything else, but that is a matter of taste

  83. Johny 2015/11/22 at 12:23

    Amazing compressor, no matter what I do I can’t make it sound bad. Fells like using hardware, the sound reminds me of hardware DBX117 I sometimes use but much more versatile. Better than the overpriced hyped vintage desks emulations plugins in my book. I’d love to see EQ made by you as well, would be awesome.

    • hikk 2016/01/14 at 19:43

      Yesterday molot just save my vocal bus, such a vibey glue. After all this years molot still rocks and is probably my favourite free compressor. Would it be to much hassle to add second release behaviour like you did with alpha/sigma mode with the attack? so that the release would be more opto/rms like? Like more vibey and pumpy and less “slapping. The attack is always spot on, I can set it in a minute but I can fiddle with the release for much longer time and sometimes it just doesnt feel right on some material.cheers!

      • vladgsound 2016/01/14 at 22:55

        Thanks! Good idea about release. We have plans to release mixing compressor in this year and one of the mode will be Molot like. By the way, Molot release behavior depends on signal level. So if you’re not happy with release just boost the input signal! (open extended options by triangle at the bottom left corner and set +6 dB or even +12 dB boost). It’s a kind of “secret” trick)

      • pubface 2016/10/16 at 03:25

        I know that Molot isn’t intended as to be a la2a comp, but comparing it with the currently free cakewalk ca2a, it almost gets the same sound, except the release of ca2a sounds like it has different curve to it than Molot, which creates a kind of pumping or sucking effect. If Molot had the option for that sort of release behavior it would be even more versatile than it already is.

      • vladgsound 2016/12/23 at 12:52

        It’s really interesting because I never intended for Molot to sound as LA2A. Also I have hardware LA2A clone and yes, LA2A has some feel of “automated” release but Molot has feel of “laziness” in its release behavior. I’ll try to think about it, but on the first thought it’s because LA2A is feedback compressor.

  84. collizion42 2016/03/23 at 18:39

    can i use these plugins in fl studio 12 or ableton live

  85. William 2016/10/07 at 19:49

    This pluggy is the clear choice for drums, it does a beautiful job of working acoustic drum with electronic music. That has been the most difficult trick, getting those drums to sound “live”. Getting those cans to sound real in any genre is the bread and butter.

  86. buckycore 2016/10/15 at 15:02

    I’m in love with your plugins. I’m still a novice, and have no clue as to generate my own concoction with this thing yet but that’s part of the joy working with this magical beast. And yes it’s “the” sound. For $7000 dollars I can aquire a UAD 2 and plugins. Or I can use yours, which sounds just as good, and is more special. It’s like a cult of awesome

    • vladgsound 2016/12/23 at 12:57

      Thanks! I have UAD too and I like and use their 1176 and LA2A a lot. Molot is just another tool in toolbox and as another tools it’s used when it’s needed. For example several days ago I used Molot+LA2A on a vocal and for that specific type of vocal it worked better than classic 1176+LA2A pair but it doesn’t mean Molot is better than 1176. It’s just another tool but with quality good enough to be used as pro tool.

  87. pubface 2016/10/16 at 02:04

    Just stopping by to say thanks. This is a kickass compressor plugin.

  88. Crimpse 2017/01/21 at 04:09

    I’m about to update to Mac OS 10.12 but I’m hesitating because of this compressor. Can anyone confirm that Molot works without issues??

    • Crimpse 2017/01/21 at 04:11

      I will be using the newest Logic update…

    • Crimpse 2017/01/21 at 20:33

      I’m going for it! I’ll let you know how it pans out. Fingers crossed.

      • Crimpse 2017/01/22 at 05:42

        Works A ok everyone.

        This compressor is the only plugin that has satisfied me since the fish filet block fish. Glad I still have a dependable dirty ass comp available. Thank you to the developer big time. 🙂

  89. Igs 2017/04/09 at 16:26

    well, what can I say….. AMAZING COMP! I can sell some of my paid compressor without regrets now. Molot can do everything I need. The only suggestion would be a “look-ahead” feature.

  90. Barnabas 2017/05/01 at 17:44

    Any chance your awesome plugins would be available for linux?

  91. Sander 2017/06/21 at 13:55

    2017 and I’ve only just come across this gem. This thing is exceedingly flexible. Now I’m finally starting to hear the effects of compression, after maybe a decade or two, that is really an awesome thing to have. (On that note: I can recommend Ken Lewis’ video on classic compressors, their attack and release characteristics, to anyone.) Thanks Vladg!

  92. Sumatran Black Records 2017/07/10 at 14:15

    Hi Vlad. I’m a dark ambient composer whose just trying to teach myself how to mix and master. I was looking for a BUS compressor that had some interesting character. I used the MOLOT on the MIX buss on every track on my project Black Box Memories – Transmissions. I used it just to colour, with a max of about 2db of attenuation.

    I’m sure I totally misused the compressor but I really like the character it gave to the whole album. Many thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eglhL2yU4wQ&t=1570s

  93. Gure 2017/10/03 at 09:55

    Hi Vlad. Have you ever thought of making opto Molot, or maybe just adding opto mode to Molot?

  94. Alex Halliday 2018/05/06 at 12:31

    Hi Vlad

    I think your compressor is awesome.
    Kind Regards


  95. Chris Jordan 2018/05/29 at 23:05

    Spasibo i molodec, Vladimir! This ist THE compressor Plug In i was searching for all this time!
    I will put in shortly some examples of how I use it as a Single Channel, Buss or Master Compressor. Alongside with the Slinky EQ and the Limiter6, the Hammer is unbeatable! Bolshoy Spasibo!

  96. Chris Jordan 2018/05/31 at 13:25

    As I promised, this song by the great band “Robert Jon And The Wreck” is mixed entirely in the box and it bears the “Molot” Compressor as a Buss and Master compressor. It works smooth, allthough very musical and it can also sqash the s**t out of the material, if wanted. I used it on the vocals buss, the instrumental sum and the master buss.

  97. Joseph L 2018/07/04 at 22:59

    in cubase 9.5, win10, I cannot use molot anymore. It displays just the graphic background, no buttons.

  98. Leon 2018/11/17 at 02:58

    I really need help with this one.
    This free 64bit plugin Molot worked fine in win 7 cubase 9el 64bit .
    Now this happenes in win 10(look at picture)
    I tried it with the 32bit version in the 32bit cubase and still the same problem so i guess its windows 10 related.The plugin loads but the plugin knobs are invisible(look at picture) cant even change the language seem like only the background picture of the plugin appears.
    Please help thank you.

  99. Michael Chylewski 2019/01/22 at 21:16

    I’m a professional bass player and my favorite compressor for the electric bass is the Molot! ! If I want a dirty vintage sound I just crank it up. It always sounds musical and never ugly. Masterpiece!

    Thank you very much Sir!

  100. Atte 2019/03/15 at 23:00

    This is truly an awesome pugin. One of my favorites. I do have a problem though: I don’t know, what I’m doing wrong, but the GUI won’t load on my Cubase 9.5 😦 Was working fine on Logic X, and my colleagues’ installs work properly too.

  101. Ted Tanner 2020/01/10 at 03:24

    Great compressor; I miss it after switching to MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Any chance there will be a 64 bit MacOS10.15 compatible version in the near future?

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