Proximity is a collaborative effort by Tokyo Dawn Labs and vladg/sound and prize winner of KVR’s Developer Contest 2012.

“Proximity” – совместная разработка Tokyo Dawn Labs и vladg/sound и призер конкурса KVR DC 2012.

Proximity GUI#1 Proximity GUI#2 by Igor Khomenko

[official page]


7 responses to “Proximity

  1. Dave Dorgan 2014/12/03 at 17:24

    Hi. This is a great plugin, but on my system I do not have see the presets window. Likewise, I never knew Molot had presets until I watched the Proximity video. I’m am using OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 and my DAW is ReNoise. If there is some limitation in my setup, would it be possible to get the a list of the settings for the presets – Proximity and Molot?
    Thank you.

  2. alex 2015/11/17 at 06:10

    i m not able to install it in order to use with ableton daw ho can i do?

  3. Bernhard Fischer 2016/06/09 at 00:25

    hey guys. what an awesome plugin. killer on vocals to compensate for too close or too far singer. i have a problem. i installed the plugin, but i can only open it on stereo tracks and busses. opening the plugin on a mono track is not possible. thanks for helping

    • vladgsound 2016/08/31 at 01:42

      Yes, unfortunately it’s stereo version only (it was limitation of framework used for AU version). The only way to use it in Logic is to add mono->stereo utility plugin or add stereo bus send.

  4. Xavier Ogochi 2017/04/16 at 02:30

    Hi, is there any of these plug ins developed for Audacity compatible on Linux users

  5. Brayan 2018/07/23 at 11:08

    I love the vst there are awesome

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