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Donate, donate, donate, donate, donate, donate

Just have added “donate” button in [downloads] page.

If you like this plugin and use it in you work -or- don’t like this plugin but want me to improve it -or- just sold your UAD on eBay you can thank me by making donation. Thank you!

A couple of favorite opinions about Molot:

“Very good and versatile comp. It can smack and round things!”
— Beto_larski (at gearslutz.com)

“Molot is up there with some of the most characterful compressors that I’ve ever used and I’ve used tons of them over the years. Keep up the Good work and the character.”
— BFunKu (at kvraudio.com)

And as I don’t have new pictures about sound or plugins except this one (I’m checking for some ideas for the new plugin now):

I post this picture with kittens just because I like it 🙂