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Hmm, not bad Limiter No6 description video

(features also TLS Pocket Limiter)


Limiter №6 1.0.2 and Molot 0.3.1 new versions preview (Windows only)


What’s new? Stereo-linking in peak limiter module now works OK (check this out! it sounds pretty good). Also modes I-III in peak limiter module were slightly changed. Less CPU intensive GUI animation. Numeric parameter values are editable.


What’s new? New output limiter based on Limiter №6. Numeric parameter values are editable. A lot of bug fixes.

I’m making AU and Mac ports for these versions. They’re expected very soon!

PS. Also I’m trying to write small notes about development process on my Twitter. Nothing serious but you can check: 

Limiter №6 v1.0.1 last preview

Limiter №6 v1.0.1 has completed. I want to make last checks until monday and then update “official” links on downloads page. EDIT: updated

Windows VST 32-bit and 64-bit:

Limiter6-v101-gui1.zip / Limiter6-v101-gui2.zip

Mac OS X VST 32-bit and 64-bit:

Limiter6-v101-gui1.dmg / Limiter6-v101-gui2.dmg

What’s new:

– Mac VST 64-bit support;
– Fixed CPU-related GUI issues;
– Support of DirectX acceleration for Vista/Seven (less CPU for graphics).

PS. Also I sucessfully checked this version with RTAS wrapper.

PPS. Sound engine and functionality was not changed. The PDF manual is still the same:

Limiter6-manual-en.pdf / Limiter6-manual-ru.pdf / Limiter6-manual-jp.pdf

2 opinions about Limiter №6


I’m liking Limiter No.6 more and more. I just finished a test with 6 songs were I used the Pro channel eq, Sonitus comp and Limiter No.6 to master. (…) I created a patch for the eq in pro channel and used the same one on each song ( each track), then inserted Sonitus and Limiter No. 6. I’m actually surprised with how well this worked. I used the Limiter No.6 to basically reduce gain by 1 db on all 5 of it’s processors with the peaks set to zero. Nice loud, transparent, and level sounding group of 6.



Chris Dion

(…) Okay, but how does it sound ???

To answer quickly, so-so. The compressor sounds good but the other units… not really. This thing seems to be the quickest way to destroy your signal without gaining any volume at the end. Moreover, there is way too much parameters for no apparent reasons. I mean, great mastering engineers (…) use limiting very little; Why one would need 4 stages of limiting that can apply 4db of gain reduction each in series ?

Overall, the Vladg’s limiter No. 6 did not gave me the impression of a finished product. After 30 minutes of testing, I do not recommend this unit for mastering purposes. On the other hand, I liked the compressor; I would have liked to have it as a separate plugin.I think Vladg would have benefit from taking more time evaluating the design of its unit prior to release it. It contains way too much parameters and stages for something that simply destroy your sound. I guess, sometimes, by trying to do too much, we finish by doing less…


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Limiter №6 Mac OS X 10.5 issues

Now I can confirm that Limiter №6 Mac version doesn’t work on Mac OS X 10.5. The version that was published 26 of june was tested only on 10.7.

I think I solved that problem. If anyone can confirm it works OK, I’ll update the version on “downloads” page.

This version should work on Mac OS X 10.5 and later (32-bit, Intel CPU):


EDIT: the same with Molot


EDIT-2: also Limiter №6 english manual updated. Thanks to Tavi Scurtu and sinkmusic.

If you want to fix my English you can get [doc-version], fix it and send me back.


Limiter №6 v1.0 released!

“Limiter №6” mastering modular limiter

– 5 modules: RMS compressor, Peak limiter, High-frequency limiter, Clipper, True peak limiter
– high-quality signal processing to use for mastering purposes
– brickwall and soft limiting with different timing settings
– M/S and multiband modes
– optional 4x oversampling
– true inter-sample peaks (ISP) limiting
– analog-style indication
– 2 different GUIs

[Limiter №6] [Лимитер №6]


PS. If you want to fix my english in the manual you can use this [doc-version] to change. Thank you!


I’m writing the manual for upcoming limiter plugin

The final plugin name is… “Limiter №6”!

“There are five of them in all here. Only one is of the upper class, the rest are all artisans.”

Ward No. 6
By Anton Chekhov

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Beta version shall come soon!

And stylish little brother (or sister?):

See you soon!

Limiter6 GUI design is 99% ready. The last step is to program it!


As I promised there will be 2 GUI versions for limiter plugin. I’ve spent some time to find good color scheme for “simple” GUI version. The idea was not to copy color scheme of some known plugins that I like but to implement something different. After a couple of cups of tea with reishi mushroom I’ve got the next concept:


And after next sessions I’ve completed the “simple” GUI draft:

Now I’m starting to program these GUIs for beta version!

See you soon.

Limiter6 beta is not ready yet.

Hi all! I’m really overloaded and I have not enough free time to complete Limiter6 beta.

First, I want to post some “fan-art” stuff for alpha version.

1. Blue skin by Ade Emsley. Use it with alpha version if you like it.

[Limiter6 alpha with blue theme (Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions)]

[Limiter6 alpha with blue theme (Mac OS X 32-bit version)]

(NOTE: Mac OS X version has small bug. If you change “Dry Mix” parameter with mouse wheel it’s OK. But it you change it with mouse drag the shown parameter value is not updated.)

2. Cleaned up Limiter6 manual by Paul Schwartz

[Limiter6 manual]

3. I almost completed photo-realistic version of GUI. There’re some draft screenshots:

And this is something original. Japanese GUI translation! Thanks to Ryoma Nishiyama.

Also some working moments:

You can also check this: http://vimeo.com/42123234

Sorry for a long waiting but I try to complete it as soon as possible. See you soon!