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Molot 0.3.1 and Limiter №6 1.0.2 with AU support were released

What’s new in Molot 0.3.1:

  • Output and editing of numeric parameter values. (Editing not implemented in 32-bit AU version)
  • Fixed wrong mode in some presets.
  • Fixed filter used in linear phase oversampling mode.
  • Added “dithering off” option.
  • Fixed working with VstToRTAS.
  • Added AU version.
  • Added support for 10 times attack time scaling.
  • Changed limiter code (based on Limiter No6)


What’s new in Limiter №6 1.0.2:

  • Less intensive animation (to save CPU cycles);
  • Stereo-linked mode in peak-limiter was significantly improved;
  • Numeric parameter values now editable (excluding 32-bit AU version);
  • Modes I-III of peak limiter were slightly changed;
  • AU version added


AU version release notes:

  • To refresh DAW latency compensation when plugin latency is changed, audio must be restarted (stop/start);
  • Limiter №6 changes its latency in “Min.latency” mode;
  • Molot changes its latency when switched between “HQ” and “Fast” oversampling modes.


Molot v0.3.1 Windows/Mac (VST/AU) latest preview

What’s new?

  • new limiter based on Limiter No6 one;
  • editable numeric parameter values;
  • bug fixes including Vst2RTAS wrapper compatibility fixes;
  • 32/64-bit AU version.

Windows versions (32/64-bit, GUI and GUI-less and also 2-channels version):


Mac versions (32/64-bit, VST and AU):



Yes, it’s a shame for me but new version of Molot with AU support is still uncompleted

New Molot version was mentioned in September’12:


But next, it was KVR Developer Challenge 2012 and this Proximity plugin:


And next, I was busy for some unexpected reasons! And after that there were holidays! They are over and now I’m thinking what I should do the next…

By the way, for AU version please check this excellent video by Vanessa Leinani for VSTAU wrapping of Molot:


I want to release new version of Molot at the end of January. For now I’m thinking about replacement of Molot peak limiter to one from Limiter №6…

About Limiter №6. For some reasons, no one mention to me that stereo linking in peak-limiter module of Limiter №6 is not working at all!!! Thanks to Alexey Lukin for noticing that. The fix is ready and I after some stability tests I’m going to release it in a very very short period of time!

These are my short-term plans. My long-term plans are to make something in collaboration with Tokyo Dawn Labs in this year and also to make some new plugin of course! Yeah!

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Molot 0.3.1 with AU version will be available soon

Check this screenshot:

You can see that parameter values are shown and can be edited.

PS. Also I checked VST version with RTAS wrapper. And it’s OK!

PPS. Also with 64-bit support of course!