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Additive and not-additive EQ designs

I’m working on new EQ project and I’m really interested in the differences between different equalizer types and does it really analog EQ can be better than digital one?

Imagine, you have to cut 2 frequencies from your track and you found 2 sweet spots for peaking cut filters.


What does your final frequency response should like? Most equalizers just sum your curves and you’ll have the result. Also don’t forget that for min-phase equalizers case the phase response of both curves also affects the result.


Green line is your final response. It is not what you’re expected! You spent a lot of time to find 2 sweet spots but as you can see that blue curve distorts red curve and vice versa and your sweet spots were shifted in frequency and in gain value. You should adjust red and blue curves again to return to your initial sweet spots, which is not good. This is how most min-phase equalizers work.

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