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VSTGUI 4.0.1 and VST RTAS Wrapper

Developers only information. I did VSTGUI 3.5 -> VSTGUI 4.0.1 port for latest Limiter №6 version to support 64-bit Mac and I (again) have problems with VST RTAS Wrapper on Mac (with Molot I almost solved them in 0.2.168c version if you remember) and Limiter №6 v1.0 worked fine with this wrapper most of the time.

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Molot GUI has become open-source!

I loose trying to make VSTGUI work with this damn written by left leg(*) wrapper. I decided to rewrite Molot GUI without using VSTGUI library.

I don’t want for another developers to step on the same pitchfork(**) I did. But I soon I don’t need old Molot GUI more I decided to make it open for developers as example of real GUI for VST plugin. I think it can be helpful and educational.

[Molot VST compressor GUI source code]

(*) “written by left leg” – I suppose in english it’s something like “did it sitting on the pants”

(**) “step on the same pitchfork” – Step on it and it hits your face. Do it twice actually. I think in english it’s something like “step into can of worms”

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Molot Compressor VST Mac OS X version (TEST ONLY)

Hi there!

I spent a couple of evenings to try to compile Molot VST on Mac.

The result is the OS X version of VST plugin that you can try to use but I don’t promise you this version 100% working.

Current issues:

  1. There’s 32-bit version only (x86 and PowerPC platforms). I had problems to compile VSTGUI for 64-bit version.
  2. Checked only for Reaper as VST host both x86 and PowerPC versions.
  3. There’s no my favorite EN/RU switch. I had problems with VSTGUI for dynamic changes of transparent layer with english “paper sticks”.

[download 0.2.145 (32-bit, VST, Mac OS X)]

Feel free to write what do you think about this version in comments. Any help is appreciated.

“Molot” VST Compressor is ready! Some words about GUI creation (или немного про создание GUI)

“Molot” compressor VST plugin page is [here]. And in this note there are some words about GUI creation.

Страница VST компрессора “Молот” [тут]. А в этой заметке немного про создание GUI.

The idea was to make GUI with old Soviet military device look. As I’m not an artist I started to search real device as basement for GUI. I spent some time to find old military looking devices in old stuff from garages of my friends and finally found very interesting looking device. It’s cathode voltommeter A4-M2 USSR, 1956. Check [this] out.

Возникла идея сделать интерфейс, выглядящей, как старый советский военный прибор. Так как я не художник, то решил поискать какую-нибудь реальную железку, чтобы использовать ее в качестве основы для GUI. Поспрашивав некоторое время у знакомых, не завалялось ли чего в их гаражах, в конце концов нашел очень интересный аппарат: катодный вольтомметр A4-M2, СССР, 1956 год. Вот [такой].

 This is it in my kitchen:

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