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Upcoming SlickEQ GE feature review

Herbert did very good post about it:


And nice animation from me showing EQ Japanese mode (very extreme), tilt filter and HPF/LPF modes.

[view animation]


SlickEQ v1.0.1 update (with AAX support now)


1.0.1 Maintenance Update

# New AAX Editions (experimental, Win32 not functional).
# Performance optimizations (+30% in some cases).
# Value-displays now accept “,” as decimal separator (in addition to “.”)
# Fixed rare denormal issues
# User presets slots increased to 10
# On a Mac, short-cut labels show “Cmd” instead of “Ctrl”
# Preset code now uses the Plugin-name as root tag (the old format is still supported)
# Show parameter units in GUI-less mode
# Fix in mac install script bug which prevented the creation of user presets


Nice video about DIY mastering

the video is pretty long :-)


  • SlickEQ “German” high-shelf boost at 24:11
  • Molot “invisible” compression at 28:10
  • Limiter No6  limiting/clipping at 33:13



PS. This video also features Luftikus by lkjb <https://code.google.com/p/lkjb-plugins/>


Modern Mixing: TDR VOS SlickEQ Plugin Review

SlickEQ release


[TDR VOS SlickEQ]  [TDR VOS SlickEQ (RU)]

Windows VST 32/64-bit, Mac VST/AU 32/64-bit

To be released soon: AAX, VST3.


[Variety of Sound blog]

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Nice picture and no comments

VoS + TDR = ?


What can I add for this? First, it is a great pleasure to work with these guys. Next, we have a project to be released very soon. And we’re going to release 64-bit version for it. And we’re going to release Mac version too. And… Okay, no more information for today.



Just for fun: “T Analog Channel” plugin

(where T stands for “troll”)

I had a part in great discussion about “wider” sound of analogue consoles. Check upcoming AudioTechnology Magazine issue, BTW. During this discussion I developed some kind of proof of concept plugin just to check possible reasons of wider sound. This developed plugin acts very subtle so most people just can’t notice its action! That’s why it’s “troll plugin”. You can use it for this purpose ;-)

Add this plugin to each track and bus of your mix and feel analog vibe added!

Technically, the plugin applies very small amount of random EQ to L & R channels, adds very small amount of 2nd harmonic, adds small level of white noise and slightly widens frequencies around 10 kHz. Also it has “Gain” control and thus can be used as smooth gain fader.

Check this out:  T Analog Channel (Windows VST 32/64 bit), T Analog Channel (Mac OS X VST 32/64 bit)

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison 

PS. Oops, I almost forget! This KVR topic may be interesting for you: “News from the labs

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This blog has more than 500000 views, wow!

Top countries for the last year:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France

And top referrer sites for the last year:


Also, I want to say big THANK YOU for all who donated. You give me the reason to continue my efforts over and over again!

Okay, it’s time for further research and development. There’re pending little fixes for Limiter6 and Molot. And I have a dozen of new projects in my head! Please, be patient ’cause I didn’t stop my research work. :-)

PS. Also, check my https://twitter.com/vladgsound from time to time.


Hmm, not bad Limiter No6 description video

(features also TLS Pocket Limiter)



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