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Do you think Molot GUI is very dark?

If you think Molot GUI is very dark you can try this version with GUI modded by Mirolav Pajic.

Download Windows VST x86 & x64 0.2.145

Download Mac OSX VST 0.2.145

The question is: “Do you like it and should I replace GUI to this one in next release?”

“Official” version of Molot with old GUI is still on downloads page.

Presonus Studio One Artist and 4 favorite VST plugins

The main difference between Presonus Studio One Artist and Studio One Pro DAWs the first one allows to use only built-in effects and just EZDrummer, Guitar Rig 3 and Kore Player as external VSTs.

Last holidays I tried to install Studio One Artist (bought for $20 on NAMM special) and I had problems with recognition of EZDrummer Lite and Guitar Rig LE plugins shipped with it. After some investigation with Microsoft Process Monitor I found that Studio One Artist does search of plugins only in default VST directory but I installed them in another place. I changed default VST directory in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST and the problem was solved. Read more of this post

The good clipper and the bad one

I’m checking ideas for the new clipper now. Here’s some pictures.

First, check the difference in harmonics between good clipper and bad one. The input signal is 1 kHz sin wave and the processing is -6 dB hard clip.

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