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Limiter №6 2 alternative skins

Skin #1

Author: Igor Khomenko

Download: [windows] [mac]


Skin #2

Author: Ade Emsley

Download: [windows] [mac]



Molot 0.3.1 with AU version will be available soon

Check this screenshot:

You can see that parameter values are shown and can be edited.

PS. Also I checked VST version with RTAS wrapper. And it’s OK!

PPS. Also with 64-bit support of course!



My favorite compressor is…

Molot? No. This is _my_ compressor.

VoS Density? I like 1st version of this compressor but it’s not my favorite. Latest MkIII version has very cool saturation but as the compressor it doesn’t sound as I want to.

My favorite compressor is… TDR Feedback Compressor! This is the thing that can be tuned _exactly_ as I like! 🙂

Check this out: