Nova-67P is a parallel parametric equalizer plugin combined with a compressor. The compressor can optionally operate in frequency dependent and split-band modes. In this case the plugin operates as a parallel dynamic equalizer.

Nova-67P skin by Lesha


  • 5 bands parallel equalizer with auto-gain.
  • Optional high-pass and low-pass filters.
  • Full-band frequency dependent and/or split-band compression.
  • Side-chain filtering and pre-emphasis.
  • Third-octave real-time spectrum analysis.
  • External side-chain support.
  • 64-bit internal processing.

Nova-67P is my submission to KVR Developer Challenge DC14! I didn’t have enough time to prepare truly “commercial looking” plugin but the concept was too cool to drop it away. By the way the plugin got the 2nd place on the competition! Thanks a lot for your support!

Version 1.0.3 features skin by Lesha.

[Download (v.1.0.3)]

[english manual] [руководство на русском]

Please check the plugin reissue under “Tokyo Dawn Labs”: [TDR Nova]


110 responses to “Nova-67P

  1. Sootechestvennik 2014/08/02 at 14:14

    Голосую конечно же за тебя, Влад, плаг чуть позже попробую 🙂 Мануал на русском будет?

  2. Garick 2014/08/03 at 03:29

    Прекрасная работа, как и всегда. Огромное спасибо.

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  8. Jure Gabršček 2014/09/02 at 14:54

    Hey, I’m still figuring out the nova plugin. I’m getting additional thick black line that runs from the endpoints of the black line EQ curve. So when I make lets say a simple high shelf boost, I get additional black diagonal line. Does this mean anything (I haven’t noticed this feature nor in manual, nor in online videos) or is some kind of glitch?

  9. donsno 2014/09/04 at 01:32

    Congrats Vlad for being named to second place!

    I employ software based transmit audio processing techniques together with my Amateur Radio operations as described on my website at http://www.k4qky.com/audio-handling/digital-audio-processing-for-the-590.

    I’m now experimenting with 64 bit Nova-67P hosted by LiveProfessor on Windows 8.1. I’ve started out with your preset “Mastering Example” and since Amateur radio transmissions are inherently narrow bandwidth ( 100 – 3000 HZ ), I’ve narrowed down the high pass and low pass filter limits accordingly. Over the air reports have been generally favorably thus far.

    I’m wondering if one of your other presets would be a better alternative for my purposes or, better yet, do you or others have another more appropriate preset for voice-overs/announcer purposes which might be better suited for my purposes?

    Any comments/recommendations/assistance from you or others would be appreciated. Thus far I’m enjoying the plug and, once I perfect settings, plan to add my lessons learned, etc. to my website.

    Thanks again for all you do,


    Amateur Radio Station “K4QKY”

  10. mightyaboba 2014/09/12 at 17:46

    Отличный плагин

  11. Николай 2014/09/24 at 00:23

    Здравствуйте Влад! Nova-67P вероятно очень хороший плагин, но почему-то у меня на Mac Pro в WaveLab-8 не пошел (OSX Mavericks -10.9.5). Как запускаю этот плагин, сразу вышибает WaveLab, постоянно. Интересно, что предыдущие плагины Limiter-6 и Molot работают превосходно! Если Вас заинтересовала эта проблема, то напишите мне пожалуйста…

    С уважением, Николай.

    • vladgsound 2014/09/24 at 00:27

      Спасибо! Мне уже многие сообщали об этой проблеме, но еще не успел посмотреть, в чем дело.

  12. mark 2014/09/29 at 01:56

    Simply stunning remains,totally sweet and musical even when drastically modifying the signal..

  13. Helikyos 2014/10/03 at 19:00

    Looking forward for the new version – including possibly VST3 for sidechaining in Cubendo DAWs? That would be the killer application! (Cubendo still holds the biggest market shares on the European market – unlike the US with their Pro Tools trash software).

  14. Parag 2014/10/08 at 12:44

    Hey vladg. Your stuffs are good and sounds great! Nova is a excellent plugin and I personaly use it as a multiband comp. But some of the essential features which I feel necessary u should include in next update… Each band must shows freq which can be edited (i.e freq and gain), and different compression settings for different band. If possible an auto release function. An advanced version for spectrum analyser (peak hold, filled spectrum and in split band different colours for each band). Theres also a lot more improvments can be done other than those essentials ones…
    Your plugin truly reflects the taste of user. Thats why I am saying this…

  15. Lucas 2014/10/11 at 10:28

    Truly amazing plugin, my friend. I’ll give you my feedback for the next updates.
    This could be interesting features for the future versions:
    – Show exact frequency when move the band.
    – Bandwidth (Q) for each band
    – The external signal could attenuate any pre chosen part of the main signal and not mainly the predominant frequency of the external signal itself.

    I’m looking forward for the next updates. I’d buy this plugin. 🙂
    Greetings from Brazil and sorry for my shitty english (I did my best haha).

  16. Brian BMA 2014/10/12 at 20:46

    This looks fun! look forward to taking this for a spin. Thanks for the this.

  17. vinx 2014/10/15 at 13:30

    Hello Vlag
    really good plugin, I like it a lot, soundwise. I think it could be even better with some additional features. The first one would be a look ahead, which would make it the perfect desser! Some MS mode would be nice also (mybe some mode choice like Molot has).
    thanks a lot for your plugins

  18. Derek Vincent 2014/10/25 at 06:44

    Is there a expand mode?

  19. Роман Покора 2014/11/04 at 22:50

    Привет! Хочу узнать, фильтры фазолинейные?

  20. ksoundandvision 2014/12/24 at 06:35

    looks like a cool thing BUT wavelab won’t load…hm….strange…anyone else with the same problem? if any solution/answer pls contact me ksoundandvision@gmail.com thanks

    • vladgsound 2014/12/24 at 13:40

      Yeah, I know there’re problems in Wavelab with this version. But I don’t have time yet to track them all and also we’re working on new version (with proper beta testing). Let’s either I’ll fix this version first or new version will be released.

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  22. soundauthor 2014/12/30 at 18:18

    I’m just now tinkering with Nova-67P. Seriously, I can’t believe this thing is free. The perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. Wow … just … wow.

  23. Eugene Yakshin 2015/01/01 at 15:29

    Спасибо за отличный плагин! Влад, скажи пожалуйста, какие инструменты для разработки ты используешь? WDL-OL и Visual Studio?

  24. Bruce 2015/01/03 at 00:54

    I just gave this plug-in a run with a few different styles of music and I must say I’m impressed with the short learning curve and ease of dialing in that sound. The Dyn:Fixed,50%,Normal… is a great feature. I’m thinking this might even be a good addition to my mastering chain. I’m going to plug (excuse the pun) this in on my next project and if I find it easier and faster to use, it’ll be my main go to. I have a feeling it’s going to happen. Looking forward to future updates, just don’t over complicate it.
    Good work Vlad.

  25. GreenGoStarr 2015/01/04 at 18:18

    Шикарный прибор!Спасибо!Не планируется ли в формате AAX?

  26. шушу 2015/01/06 at 13:40

    Влад, спасибо огромное за твои плаги и щедрость!!! Пусть в новом году у тебя будет уйма вдохновения и возможностей его реализовать! Здоровья и счастья!

  27. Arsen N-shtain Oganesyan 2015/01/06 at 14:26

    Отличный плагин =)) Благодарю

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  29. Isotop3 2015/01/08 at 04:58

    This looks kind of like Ozone by iZotope! =:)

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  33. satYatunes 2015/02/21 at 08:38

    I have created two skins for Nova-67P. They are available at my website: http://www.satyatunes.com/website/nova-67p.html

  34. BB 2015/02/26 at 08:20

    Amazing plug, thankyou so much for making it freeware too. This is now my go to de-esser.
    Can I feature request ratios less than 1 so we can use it as an expander too? please please!

  35. maux 2015/03/24 at 23:34

    I am probably wrong or affected by sonic hallucinations but I just noticed that it narrows a bit the stereo image of the track that I am mastering … switched it off and suddenly the sound is wider. not the only EQ plug that does this btw.. I noticed it also on more fancy gear .. besides that I have enormous gratitude for your amazing work 🙂

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  37. Turello 2015/05/22 at 09:56

    Come back Vlad, pleaseee!!! 😥

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  53. Bob Sutherby 2015/07/25 at 22:05

    I’ve been liking Nova67P, but I fear it’s causing Logic Pro (9) to spontaneously stop playback. Logic never did that before I installed Nova67P.

  54. Jordan 2015/08/02 at 13:04

    Vlad are you still developing/updating your software or have you abandoned it now?

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  60. GY 2015/12/10 at 00:29

    Installed on an XP SP-2 laptop. VST does not get recognized.

  61. Charly 2015/12/19 at 17:42

    Hey Vladg ! As a young and broke sound engineer, I would like to thank you for the amazing plug-ins you put out for free. I’m using the Molot in almost every mix I do (especially on snare drum), and the Proximity is unbelievable too.
    This dynamic EQ looks pretty impressive too. So yeap, thank you ! A LOT !

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  71. João Vitor B. Labres 2017/06/03 at 04:47


    Can you check the file to Windows on the Dropbox? “File not found”

  72. Mike Glennon 2017/08/01 at 14:08

    Hi, the mac link doesn’t seem to be working.

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  75. Luther S 2017/11/08 at 20:26

    mac link not working, can you look into it?

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  78. Elliot Hendrickson 2018/09/07 at 15:05

    The webpage can’t be found any more!
    Is there anywhere else I can get this amazing plugin?

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  84. Lutz H 2019/03/13 at 16:35

    Can’t thank you enough for this.

  85. Samson Khanu 2019/05/29 at 03:21

    thank you so much for teaching me, i will like to know much about mix and mastering pls.

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