The 10 Best Freeware Compressor Plug-ins

The 10 Best Freeware Compressor Plug-ins:

vladg/sound Molot

Molot Freeware Compressor

VST / AU for Mac & PC, available in 32 and 64-bit versions

The Molot

makes quite an impression with its Russian tank-like user interface and abundance of controls. But that’s nothing compared to the sound it produces when you turn the 12 knobs of this compressor/limiter, which does not try to emulate any hardware compressor but is rather inspired by several well-known references, like the Neve 33609, the Tube-Tech CL 1B and the Fairchild 670. If you like discreet compression, forget about it! This plug-in was developed to give a more or less obvious vintage color to the signal ─ and even squash it like a potato masher ─ while rendering interesting musical results. Usable in mono, stereo or M/S mode, the plug-in is ideal for parallel compression on a bus. It also has an adjustable high-pass filter for sidechain use. The Molot has only one con: it requires a lot of CPU power. But now that all sequencers offer a freeze function, it’s not a real problem anymore.

[The Top Free Software Compressors]


7 responses to “The 10 Best Freeware Compressor Plug-ins

  1. jalidhu 2013/05/18 at 05:07

    Molot is great, congrats!!

  2. Philippe 2013/05/20 at 19:40

    Thanks Molot for the link to our article! Hope your readers enjoyed it as much as we did to make it 🙂

  3. Clint Martin 2013/05/30 at 22:22

    So what’s next for Vladg Sound? I really think your stuff is as good as anything out there. I for one would be interested in what your working on next.

    • vladgsound 2013/05/31 at 02:40

      Thanks for the interest! I don’t have much free time last months. But I’m using tiny bits of free time for new EQ project. I’ve got concept and now I’m checking possible solutions. This expected to be colourful EQ with dynamics support. Not analog modelled and not having “transparent” sound. Also another collaborative project with TDR Labs is expected this year.

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