Limiter No6 update 1.0.2b and ENV1 skin

If you experienced problems with high CPU load on Reaper and AU version crashes on Logic X, please update your version to 1.0.2b:

2014-08-25: v1.0.2b:
– Fixed CPU issues with Reaper
– Fixed possible crash in Logic

[Windows VST 32/64-bit (GUI#1 & GUI#2)]

[Mac VST/AU GUI#1]   [Mac VST/AU GUI#2]


Also please check this cool skin by ENV1:


[Limiter No6 Windows VST 32/64-bit with ENV1 skin]

[Limiter No6 Mac VST/AU with ENV1 skin]

KVR thread: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=413380


If you have any problems with version 1.0.2b please rollback to original 1.0.2 version using the following links:  Limiter6-v102.zip  Limiter6-v102-gui1.dmg  Limiter6-v102-gui2.dmg




25 responses to “Limiter No6 update 1.0.2b and ENV1 skin

  1. Ian 2014/08/26 at 18:25

    First of all, I’m glad Lim6 is using less CPU in Reaper, my DAW of choice for mastering. Second, the new GUI is killer!!

  2. Skel 2014/09/02 at 17:49

    Hey vlad,

    Thank you for updating the Limiter No. 6. Still my favorite Limiter. I want to throw some money at you, what’s your paypal? 🙂

    Best regards


  3. Ezequiel Morfi 2014/09/03 at 05:59

    Hey vladg! Tokyo Dawn Labs informed that Nova-67P would be released soon with the regular TDL GUI, so I was wondering what are the chances that Limit no.6 would have a TDL GUI too?
    You know, since it’s a skinnable plugin now =)
    Buenos Aires

    • vladgsound 2014/09/03 at 23:24

      We are goint to release Tokyo Dawn Limiter No6 after Nova-67P release. Yes, Limiter No6 will have TDL look.

      • Ezequiel Morfi 2014/09/04 at 06:33

        I was using Limit no6 yesterday on a track when that thought came to mind. Can’t believe it’s actually gonna happen. Yes, the regular GUI is the weakest point (unlike Molot, mind you).
        Not too push it, but when can we expect Nova and Limit to be released by TDL?
        Thank you vladg;

  4. Ableton_in_UA 2014/12/21 at 00:04

    Hey, Vlad… Just wanted to thank you for the great work you carry on. LimiterNo6 is a long lasting limiter in my files, only now I’m capable of grasping the full advantage of the great free tool.
    Thanks a lot for making it free and BIG UP.
    Greetings from Kiev

  5. Cemski 2015/01/08 at 11:12

    Great tools, period!!! 🙂
    I noticed, that your new and nice “ENV1”-GUI for MAC is actually for PC 😉

  6. Vernon 2015/03/06 at 01:37

    Hi Vlad,
    Just wondering on TDL and your plans for NO. 6 and Molot GE editions.. I am stoked and looking forward to any news of progress. Thanks.

  7. DZ.music 2015/05/11 at 07:17

    Hi Vlad, just wanna say thank you for your great work and sharing it with us! I use it in every mastering session an it works and sounds so smooth and transparent at the same time. I rather prefer the sound instead of GUI, but this clean and smooth GUI just rounds it up. Thank you!

  8. ron waffer 2015/07/24 at 23:03

    Hey you, thank you verry much for this great free VST. People always think free=bad. But this is a fantastic Comp/Limiter. Mabey you should make the ENV1 skin for default (looks not so cheap) and ask for 150$ for a licence. 😉

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  10. Dstruct 2016/01/17 at 20:13

    1.0.2b (ENV1 skin) has these issues in REAPER 5.111 x64:

    1. UI flickers and sometimes even disappears when resizing the FX window to a small size and scrolling

    2. Short click/burst on activating/deactivating certain modes (like oversampling, clipper, protection mode, stereo mode) during playback

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  12. Bo 2016/09/07 at 22:51

    How do I delete a preset within Limiter6 that I made by mistake? I cannot find this information anywhere. Thanks so much!

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  15. Mint 2018/03/21 at 12:57

    The links are down, is there any way I can get them? (Mac AU) Thanks!

  16. pim van dorst 2018/04/11 at 19:48

    love it and the molot as wel thanks verry greetings from holland

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