“Molot” VST Compressor is ready! Some words about GUI creation (или немного про создание GUI)

“Molot” compressor VST plugin page is [here]. And in this note there are some words about GUI creation.

Страница VST компрессора “Молот” [тут]. А в этой заметке немного про создание GUI.

The idea was to make GUI with old Soviet military device look. As I’m not an artist I started to search real device as basement for GUI. I spent some time to find old military looking devices in old stuff from garages of my friends and finally found very interesting looking device. It’s cathode voltommeter A4-M2 USSR, 1956. Check [this] out.

Возникла идея сделать интерфейс, выглядящей, как старый советский военный прибор. Так как я не художник, то решил поискать какую-нибудь реальную железку, чтобы использовать ее в качестве основы для GUI. Поспрашивав некоторое время у знакомых, не завалялось ли чего в их гаражах, в конце концов нашел очень интересный аппарат: катодный вольтомметр A4-M2, СССР, 1956 год. Вот [такой].

 This is it in my kitchen:

To make photos I used cheap Samsung L730 camera (~100$).

First, I started with knobs (I did a lot of photos to make animation):

The result was pretty cool:

For toggle switches I used another device (old supply unit):

For VU meter I unmounted voltmeter from supply unit used above:

And then inserted printed VU scale:

 After some processing got one like that:

And finally I made indicator lamp:

The lamp is turned on:

And I made some gradient (did that in 15 minutes):

After that I prepared background with text and lines to put these elements on their places:

Then I scaled elements down and started coding using VSTGUI. That’s the result:

6 responses to ““Molot” VST Compressor is ready! Some words about GUI creation (или немного про создание GUI)

  1. Masaru Takizawa 2011/01/17 at 07:26

    I can’t believe this great compressor is free…THANKS !

  2. Pingback: Molot, A Freeware Compressor VST Plugin By Vladislav Goncharov « bedroom producers blog

  3. Styler 2011/01/18 at 19:04

    How did you code this compressor?


  4. weldroid 2011/01/19 at 18:13

    This thing looks incredible, can`t wait to test it! Thanks for making it!

  5. boosuff 2011/02/12 at 00:01

    Thanks for sharing this. I always wondered how this is done. its cool to see how you put it all together. Already, this is one of my favorite compressors. The sound is amazing!

  6. Ehitusmaterjalid 2011/07/18 at 05:33

    Really beautiful, good job! Thanks!

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